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I feel like I have not pinned as much stuff to Pinterest this week, but I am sure that is not true.  It is probably a trick of my mind.  The weather this weekend has been beyond yucky.  It has been cold, and somewhat rainy… but nothing has frozen.  We have yet to have snow here in my little part of the world.  If I was still teaching… I would be so frustrated and probably would be complaining way more than I have.  I really see no reason for cold weather if it does not produce snow.  I can see from my pins that I have been thinking of snow unconsciously.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Source: google.com via Kelli on Pinterest


I did not repin this (because I don’t want my husband to think this is something I would want to do or have any plans on doing) but I have been seeing some variations of this maternity shot lately on Pinterest.  I am not going to have any more kids, but even if I were… I would pass on this shot.  Seriously, I cannot imagine how cold this woman must be.  I shiver just looking at the picture. I also think that if there is a woman that is 7-9 months pregnant around here and who wants to do this… she is probably cursing the weather too.

Adorable Little Button Snowmen


I am not sure what I would do with these little guys, but they are cute.  Actually, if my daughter would still let me put cute little bows in her hair, I think these would be sweet on a barrette.   Alas, I think I missed that window of opportunity.  I was thinking they would be a nice embellishment for a frame or other paper craft too.  Any other ideas out there?

Need a Cold Beverage?


The Scandinavians created a drink Koozie that also keeps your hands warm.  No need to stay inside because it is cold and you want a cold one anymore.   These things just crack me up, but in a way it is pretty ingenius.

Last Thoughts!

Source: someecards.com via Tara on Pinterest


Yeah, I may be complaining a bit about the weather… but honestly I like the cold slightly more than the humid heat of summer here.  There is about 2 months a year where I am happy with the weather (and it usually happens in the Fall).  Sometimes I can be so pleasant, huh?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!