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So it has been a busy week.  My kids’ school has had two half days off of school.  When the school has a half day, I have my kids and my after-schoolers for a longer day.  It is not so bad, but that does not leave me as much time to get stuff done in the morning.  This morning I woke up and found myself wide awake and ready to do something… I decided it was time for me to make the cake plate I wanted to make to hold my dishwashing stuff.  I got the idea from Pinterest (of course).


So I spent the last few weeks checking out flea markets and antique shops searching for the perfect plate to use for it. I also looked for a vase or glass to use. I lucked out and found both last weekend. I felt that today was the day to tackle this project.
After putting the kids on the bus, I grabbed the bag and the epoxy and was excited to start. As I was about to put it on the ground… the top of the bag ripped and the glass and plate landed with a kerplunk.
My stomach dropped and I rushed to open the package.

They say don't cry over broken china, right?

…and my hunt for the perfect plate will start again.
I also have to think of a good craft activity for broken china. Anyone have any good ideas?