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For some reason, my blog has attacked the attention of a lot of weathervane lovers and they love to comment (100+ comments so far).

Screen shot from my spam pile... sorry, if you find your name.

WordPress has a spam service and it has deemed most of their comments as spam.  Are they spammers?  I just don’t know.  It seems a bit odd that so many weathervane enthusiasts have loved and enjoyed my blog… but stranger things have happened.

I just noticed that another mom and blogger,Expatbabyadventures, has also received a lot of love from them.

Now, isn’t that strange.


Let’s Talk Weathervanes… shall we?

If I had to pick what a cool weathervane looks like... It would be this one.

Image found on West Coast Weathervanes FB page

I do not know much about weathervanes.  I don’t own one and am not likely to own one in the the near future.  This is probably because I don’t really need to know which way the wind is blowing, nor do I need to know how fast it is blowing to complete my daily chores.  My weathervane of choice… a tree.  You see I look out my window and if I see the leaves rustling then I know that the wind is most likely blowing.  If the tree is bending to one side or whipping around in circles, then the wind is most likely blowing a lot.   I even used our dogwood tree to gauge the strength of the wind during Hurricane Irene.  It was blown to its side and so I would say the winds had been quite strong.

Sorry, I am not interested in buying a weathervane, but if I need one… I think  I will do a project like this one with the kids…

This looks like it could be a fun activity.

Thanks go to  Sarah’s Sweeties for the idea.  I can’t wait to try it someday.

And now for my replies to some of  the Weathervane Enthusiast’s comments….

  • I am so glad that you like the blog and find my posts entertaining.  It makes me smile to read comments like that and I appreciate those comments immensely!
  • I use WordPress and would completely recommend it to anyone looking to start blogging.  The design is one of the free themes through WordPress called Bueno.  I have not changed any of the colors or messed with it much, because honestly that is beyond my computer literacy level.  I do hope to personalize the blog more in the future though.  I am not a computer programmer, and really I don’t pretend to be (too busy trying to pretend I am not domestically challenged and frankly that takes up most of my time), but since you asked here are some of my answers to some comments.
    • I am so sorry if my blog does not work well with Opera or on your iPad.  Since I don’t  actually know much about computer programming, I would have no idea how to fix it.  Sorry!
    • I just asked my husband what an SEO is.  I guess that answers any questions on whether there are plug-ins that work well on your blog.
    • One weathervane lover posted this “Do you have a spam issue on this blog; I also am a blogger, and I was curious about your situation; many of us have created some nice methods and we are looking to swap solutions with other folks, why not shoot me an e-mail if interested.”  Hmm.  Maybe.
    • Sorry, I don’t have a donate button.  I am not opposed to having guest bloggers though, maybe in the future.
  • To the person who dropped their iPad from 40 stories and made a youtube video about it.  Thanks for sharing.

I am sorry if your comment was placed in the spam folder and you are not a spammer…  I am still so new at this that I feel I need to trust the spam service at this time.  Just know that I do read through those comments and will try to reply in one way or another.

So all I have to say… Weathervanes are not on the love it list.  Sorry!