My Daughter can Text Now and it is Kind of Scary!


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My daughter finally wore me down and I added a texting app to her iTouch.  She has been a texting fool since I installed it.

The thing is that she does not have a lot of people to text and so she has been texting me (usually when she is supposed to be sleeping). Texting with an 8-year-old girl is definitely interesting and it has also been a little scary…

text 2

Hmm.  I should be worried, shouldn’t I?

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Toilet Trouble


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I hate when things fall apart or break.

I really hate it when it involves any kind of leaking.  Leaking can lead to water damage and really become a mess.  So when I noticed the toilet leaking in the kids’ bathroom, I started worrying and we called a plumber.

You know things are bad when the plumber looks at you and say “I hate it when this happens.  It appears to be a phantom leak and there really seems to be no reason why the toilet is leaking.  After a few hours and some dismantling and re-mantling (I know that is not really a word) the toilet, the darn leak started up again.

So, I made an impromptu trip to Home Depot with plumber in tow and bought a new toilet.  After accidentally losing the plumber on the way back to my house, due to my lack of view out of the back window (that toilet box was really tall), I finally had a non-leaking toilet.  Actually, the kids now have the nicest throne in the house.  Makes me kind of want to replace all the toilets…. OK, maybe not.

In honor of my awesome new toilet… Here is a little song to celebrate with (it also happens to be one of my kid’s favorites).


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How to Make your Husband Miserable on His Day Off


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So yesterday was President’s Day and the whole family had the day off.  We could have done something fun as a family (like go skiing, thrown the football around, or go to the art museum), but we were feeling lazy so instead we all kind of did our own thing.  My son and daughter went on some play dates, and I had a play date of my own (which was lunch and shopping with a friend).  My husband relaxed (kind of).

The problem was that once I got back from lunch and after my daughter and I re-watched the newest “Austin and Aly” and she headed off on her play date… I found there was nothing on TV.  I could have continued my quest to watch the first season of Downton Abby and get hooked on the show (like everyone else in the world and other people my age), but instead I decided that what I wanted to watch was The Wizards of Waverly Place.

Wizards of Waverly Place (season 2)

Wizards of Waverly Place (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I say “I”, because shortly after turning on the episode, “Wizards vs. Angels”, my son disappeared into the office to play Minecraft and that left just me (and my husband) watching the show.

So why did I not change the channel?  Well,  It could be that it was just because I love to see my husband roll his eyes at me (which thankfully I do love since he does it so often).  I may like to torture my husband with kid shows (probably what he thinks and happens to also be a side effect that occurs with most of the shows I watch).

Bibbity bobbity noNo, the real answer is that I think the show is kind of cute, and I may be just as excited as the kids are for the Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex episode.  What am I saying, truth be told, I am probably more excited.  Feel free to make fun of me.  I can take it.

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My Husband Made Me Some Valentines


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I had to share the Valentines that my husband made for me.   It is so wonderful to have such a creative husband (although some of the phrases are borrowed the designs are his).  I bet none of you guys got any these creative valentines yesterday.  I am totally not being sarcastic either. I feel like I need to make that clear because I tend to be sarcastic more times than not (and in writing it could read as me being sarcastic and not being grateful).  My husband said he worked for weeks to make these special Valentines for me. That is love!

Roses are Red

Who knew Castro could be so romantic?  (That is Castro, right?) 

Update:  It is Karl Marx.  Considering I studied Russian and lived in the Marx museum when I studied in Russia (I am pretty embarrassed, by my ignorance.  I have slapped my own hand and probably should spend less time reading my YA novels and spend some more time reviewing my old Political Science textbooks.

The Hulk Valentine

The Hulk is a charmer, isn’t he? 

Quit Stalin

Stalin can be so sweet.

Embargo my heart

I would never! 

Honorable Chairman

Although,  I hope I am the cuter chairman.

This is the only one he said he did not design, but it was too good not to share with me.

This is the only one he said he did not design, but it was too good not to share with me.

Who doesn’t love Kanye!

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day too!

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I am an amateur film editor.


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My goodness!  Has it really been 2 months since I posted?

I have really been a slacker.

I have no excuse except for just wanting to be lazy.
Oh, I have been busy making videos for my kids.  OK, not really making videos, but rather editing film clips and setting them to music.

Here are 3 of my favorite videos that I have made…

This one is the last Hunger Games video I made for my daughter. I realized that it may be my last because they are all starting to seem “too much of the same” to me now.

Since I got to be fair, I made my son a Lego video. Of course, I picked a song I love (but may have been a questionable choice since it has the words “hell” and “damn” in it). I figured that it was on the radio, so what the H-E-double hockey sticks.  Consider that my warning though… if those words offend you then skip this video.

I did put a warning in my description, since it is a kids show paired with music some parents may find offensive.  I try to be straight forward about these kind of things because I have found that my husband and I tend to be on the more laid back side of the child-rearing spectrum.

Finally, some girl, in the girl scout troop I help lead, requested a Percy Jackson Video… so I had to deliver. You know, this may be my favorite video yet.

English: Actor Logan Lerman at the premiere of...

English: Actor Logan Lerman at the premiere of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief in New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will admit that it could be because I think Logan Lerman is pretty adorable or it could be that I love the Percy Jackson series.

Other than making videos, I have been just trying to keep my head above water with all my little part-time jobs.

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It’s Christmas Eve, What did they want for Christmas?


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Chirstmas Eve 1928. "Christmas Eve in the...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is Christmas Eve!  This year, we were blessed with yucky weather, two kids coughing, one dog barking and digging in the mud… So it has not been that festive here, but I do have to say that even with all of that it was nice for the kids to lounge around in their PJs all day.

Since I have not written in a while (for which I am sorry, but December has been busy and a tad bit overwhelming), I thought I would cheer myself up by granting some of the wishes of the people who found this blog using a search engine.  I am afraid they may not have found what they are looking for, but I can be a great Santa and deliver to them a special Christmas wish.

1. “Pumpkin Penis

Well, I hate to break it to this reader, but pumpkins do not have penises.  That is why you were not able to find out more about them here at my blog.  However, according to the Urban Dictionary, the term “pumpkin dick” exists and maybe that is what you were really after.  I am not going to give the definition hear, but you can check it out over there if you are interested.

Some people do like carving pumpkins and squashes into penises as well. Maybe you were looking for ideas…So I found a picture of a realistic carving, at http://www.foodbeast, to inspire you.  Maybe you will get one of these in your stocking tomorrow.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful Christmas surprise from Santa.  Personally, I will stick to asking for less phallic items.

2. “gag reflex poop”

This reflex kind of confused me.  I am guessing they were looking for information about what to do if their gag reflex makes them poop.  Seriously, that would be a terrible condition to have and hopefully they found a cure, because I am no doctor and cannot offer too much advice.

Then it occurred to me that maybe they gag when they see or smell poop, and then I would say that is perfectly normal (or as normal as I am and I think that is pretty normal).  I do have a helpful hint.  If you have to clean up poop and you gag when you smell poop, then spray your shoulder with perfume or cologne.  Keep your nose plastered to your shoulder when you have to clean up the poop.  It works pretty well for smell sensitivity.

Now, for Christmas, I would recommend staying away from poop and maybe they can convince their significant other or a family member to give them this certificate.  poop coupon

I found the coupon here, so if this one is not exactly what you wanted to give or receive you can hop on over there and personalize your own!

3. “ding dong ding dong”

Wish granted?

Maybe this is what you were hoping for?

4. “craft ideas for frat boys

I kind of like the picture in my head of frat boys sitting around a table doing crafts, so I have to help this person out.  I remember lots of plastic cups at Frat parties from my days in college, so I think they may like the idea of crafting something out of those leftover or used cups.

Hello great idea!!

They could also recycle the cups to make garland for their next party!

Frat boys and crafts also made me remember one of my favorite shows, Greek, and the mount Vesuvius episode.

 OK, maybe that may be a bit challenging to recreate, but why make kegs out of pumpkins or watermelons.

OK… Fraternities are about more than just drinking and I am sure they would enjoy painting as a craft as well.

Oh wait, I guess that has to do with drinking as well.  I tried, but really what crafts would the Fraternity boys be doing?  Scrapbooking?

5. “ian somerhalder dog”

I can always oblige someone looking for Ian Somerhalder, because who would not want pictures of him all over their blog.  He would make any blog more wonderful to look at in my humble opinion.

Just in case some of you are cat lovers… Here is a pic for you.

See what I mean!  Merry Christmas to me!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanza!  

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Ever Try to Keep a Puppy from Running Around?


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If you have… then you know how miserable it can be.

Olive, our puggle puppy, was spayed last Monday (which is a great thing because I am all for spaying and neutering puppies thanks to growing up with Bob Barker and The Price is Right).  When I picked her up on Tuesday, I was told to keep her calm and not let her get too active.  I knew I was in trouble when they brought her out and she started jumping up on me and running around in circles.  What followed was a lot of trying to keep her from scaling the baby gates (which are supposed to keep her in an area so that she can be calm and not run around), jumping up on high beds, swimming in the pond behind my in-laws, and chasing cats.

She is a hard dog to turn down!

Today she was supposed to be ready to run and play again, but she was not a very good at staying calm for the last seven days and so her stitches are leaking and we get to try this whole calm thing for another five days.  This time the stakes are even higher, because if she does not stay calm, then the weakened stitches (the stitches hold for 10 days) will rip and then they will have to go back in and restitch her back up.

Needless to say, the last seven days were rough and so I am not looking forward to another five days.  This time the vet recommends leash walks and kennel rest and what I heard was five days of pulling on the leash and whining because she is trapped in her kennel.

Fun times ahead!

Pity Party

Pity Party (Photo credit: Evil Erin)

Thanks for joining my pity party!  I am really glad you came!

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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I tried to make turkey rice Crispie treats, but it turned out more like a pinstrosity rather than a festive Thanksgiving treat. Yet, I kind of think it looks like a zombie turkey and so I find it kind of fitting.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May you turkeys stay dead!

By the way, trying to post this using the WordPress app. I am not doing very good with it, obviously!


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Why going to the movies with my husband is so entertaining!


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On Sunday, my husband took me to see Breaking Dawn: Part II.  He has not a Twilight fan by any means, but he never turns down an opportunity for a date night (or day as in this case).  The best part was that I think he enjoyed seeing the movie and not just because it was with me.  No, I think he saw for the first time why I love seeing movies like this one in the theater.

Watching movies like Twilight and Magic Mike are best in the company of screaming teenage girls and other women.   Watching the DVD at home is just not the same.  You really need to high pitched squeals and random comments.  Unfortunately (for my husband) the room was mostly filled with couples and families (several of which had kids under age 8).  Every parent can parent as they want, but when the sex scene came on I squirmed around uncomfortably because the kids were in there… and they were not even my kids and the scene really was not that graphic.   Hey, I will admit I tend toward the frigid side of things when it comes to sex and so it may be that I just need to loosen up.  I will admit my short-comings.

My favorite part of the movie was the scene with the Volturi.  It had me a bit shell shocked for a moment, but in a good way.  I am also a sentimental fool and decided to sit through the closing song and watch the credits for all the past characters.

Yet, If I had to say what the best part of watching the movie was it would have to be the trailers.  It is his commentary that makes watching the trailers so entertaining and the trailers before Breaking Dawn gave him lots of good material to comment on.  I was thinking that it would be selfish if I kept it to myself and so here is my gift to you (and so don’t say I never gave you anything).

1. Now You See Me

That movie looks amazing.  You can even tell from the trailer that it is going to be good.  We should definitely check that one out!

…And I do want to check this movie out.   It really does look amazing.

2. The Hunger Games

You know what that is called?  That is called… ‘We need to have some presence in front of that movie.  It is marketing at its most transparent.  Of course, this one was not a power point of stock photos like the one for ‘The Host‘.  That one was truly awful.   I kept waiting to see a watermark across one of the pictures.

3. Playing for Keeps

Sorry everyone, but there was no commentary on this one.  I think he was still ranting about “The Hunger Games” and “The Host” Trailers throughout this trailer and was not paying attention to it.

4. Parental Guidance

I will never watch that movie.  I’m serious.

I. Will. Never. Watch. That. Movie. Ever.

That sounds like a dare. [insert evil laugh here]

5. Warm Bodies

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

He can be so dramatic sometimes, but that is part of his charm.

For more of his insights on the trailers… you can check out his post about our movie night on his blog.

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Spirit Fingers… I don’t think I got enough spirit.


Tonight as I browsed the web, I came across these amazing mittens.

Seriously?  Who thought of this?  When I saw these I thought about how many drinks I would spill.  What could be worse for  a clumsy person?  I already knock over or drop  half the stuff I try to pick up, so I am thinking if I was wearing these little wonders I probably should not even try to touch anything.

I decided to show my husband what I found and his response…

“Those have to be be the stupidest things I have ever seen and I have been on a lot of planes recently and looked at a lot of Sky Mall magazines.”

Dagens Sky Mall-fynd - En klassiker

Dagens Sky Mall-fynd – En klassiker (Photo credit: pellesten)

After I stopped laughing, because I know we have been on many flights and we try to see who can find the stupidest item.  I like to think that I usually win.  Would these mittens be a winner for the “Sky Mall Stupid” Award though.  Then I thought Sky Mall does feature some great items…  just ask my daughter who wants to buy everything in the magazine when she reads it on the airplane.   I could be missing something.  It could be that I am just not that cool anymore.

I can’t help but think… Is this going to be the next big thing?  Have I found the next must have item?   Will my daughter be begging me for these soon?

I guess time will tell.

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