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For my daughter’s 9th birthday, we decided to take her to her first concert, Maroon 5.  We figured out pretty quickly that she was not going to be one of those screaming, crying, star struck girls…

Maroon 5

Not only did she not scream like a love struck little girl when she saw Adam or heard her favorite song… she made this comment…

“Those girls obviously are not here to hear the music, because they cannot hear any of it, because they are screaming so loud!”

Seriously, is she an 8-year-old girl or a grumpy old man?

I really had to work to even get her to sway a little to the music (which is funny, because I don’t dance).  I hate to admit this, but she may be a little too much like me or her dad (who refused to raise his arms and sway to the music, even when Adam asked us to do it).

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