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Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter (because it is still technically Easter in my part of the world)!  Of course, if you don’t celebrate Easter then I hope you had a great Sunday (and/or Walking Dead finale day)! I don’t want to leave anyone out!


Our Sunday was a nice one, but not without our usual surprises.  We were late to church (which is not a surprise), then somehow I messed up our reservations (again, not a surprise)… but just like everything in life, just because things did not turn out as planned, it did not mean that the day was ruined. Although, it did get a little iffy there when my husband‘s blood pressure began to rise.


There was a restaurant nearby, Conch Republic Rocketts, that was able to give us a table immediately. We had a really wonderful brunch with really tasty food!  By the way, they had real Key Lime Pie!  My favorite!  The kids loved there baskets from the easter bunny (even though that stupid rabbit forgot the batteries for the Furby) and their grandparents (which included a real pineapple and deviled eggs and matching quilted placemats).  After we got home, it was time to be lazy and I loved it!

Another wonderful family holiday is over and I am enjoying the peace… until the dentist appointments tomorrow.  I am thinking I will need another piece of that Key Lime Pie after their appointments.

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