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Today, I got my first taste of what it may be like when my daughter hits the tween/teen years.

The Girl: [crying] I don’t want “The Boy Next Door” to come over anymore.

Me: Why?

The Girl: He told “The Other Boy” that I liked him.  [melodramatic pause] He (Other Boy) came up to me and asked me if I liked him because “The Boy Next Door” told him I did.

Me: Well, then you all you had to say was ‘Yeah, I like you.  You’re a great friend.’

The Girl:  Moooom!  That is not the point. [stomps foot] You just don’t understand.  “Boy Next Door” should not have said I liked him.  He lied. 

Me:  No, he did not lie.  You do like him, don’t you?

The Girl: Yeah, as a friend.  

Me:  Then, that is what you say. 

The Girl:  Well, that is not what he meant.  He (the Boy Next Door) should just not come over anymore if he is going to say stuff about me to people. 

Me:  Well, that is probably not going to happen so I would just stick the friend thing.  It will be fine.  Kids your age don’t have good memories unless it has to do with something your parents were supposed to do for you.  Want a piece of candy?

The Girl: Yeah.  [then leaves to play Minecraft and forgets about it… For now]

Hopefully, the candy redirection/bribery thing will work just as well when she gets older.

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