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I recently read the post What’s So “Pinteresting”? on the blog, Shout Out
JMU (your source for feminine discourse).  She had a great response to the critic.   What she says at the end of her post is perfect.

So before we disparage Pinterest for putting feminism at risk, can we please remember that feminine is not anti-feminist, and at the end of the day, it’s just a pinboard?

Yes, it is just a pinboard.

What the article on Buzzfeed (the one that Shout Out JMU is referring to) is missing is that not everyone is a feminist (because it is true) and that not all feminists are alike (as Shout Out JMU nicely points out).

Woman-power symbol (clenched fist in Venus sig...

Woman-power symbol (clenched fist in Venus sign). עברית: כוח נשים (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think that we should embrace our feminism because let’s face it… we do have different body parts and (like it or not) we do have a different biological role, and by that I mean we have the babies not our role as a nurturer.   Instead of making women feel bad about not being feminist enough, support a sister for the challenges that they are facing and overcoming each day and then help them to be the change that we, women, will want to make (because as much as the world has changed, but there are still changes to be made).

Furthermore, I have heard criticism about wanting to stay at home and how that will cause the feminist movement to go backward.  Odell kind of hints at this with her “Mormon housewife” comment.  The way I see it, being a stay-at-home mom who wants to care for their family is not anti-feminist… it is a decision that I made (which I think is now kind of against the mainstream) because I chose to.    I had that choice because of feminism and, personally, I appreciated having the choice.  I would guess that a lot of the women appreciate the choices that they have now that were given to them thanks to the feminist movement in the past.

Yet, here is my question to her question… Does she think that the diet and skinny body stuff is going to go away or, at least, that women in general are not going to be interested in that kind of material?  If she does, then she is dreaming.  I say this because a lot of my friends who are into eating healthy, exercising, and designer clothes do it because they like it.  They are not doing it because their husbands will divorce them if they are not a size 0.  I am not saying that society has a part in it, but society or not, my friends exercise and eat healthy because they want to and seem to enjoy it (although I don’t share the fondness of exercise that they do).  There will always be plenty of girls and women that have body image issues and men/boys that will try make the girls they “supposedly” love feel bad about weight or what they look like too, but that is why I think it is best to support other women to be strong enough to see that they are enough when they are just being themselves and if the one they love does not see it… then it is time to move on.

With that said, I will give myself a pat on the back for doing my part to fill Pinterest pinboards with pins that are exercise and dream body free…and I know she would like to thank me for it.  Rest assured that the Cauliflower Crust Pizza will never show up on my “yumminess” board.

And now a little something from my pinboards…

Source: Tara on Pinterest

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