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I joined my daughter on her field trip to see a a dancing showcase at a local college.  The dancers did a really good job and I enjoyed it for all the wrong reasons.

Deutsch: Modern Dance Company "Flatback a...

Deutsch: Modern Dance Company “Flatback and cry e.V.” Produktion: “patchwork on stage”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I realized is that I just do not understand the whole modern dance thing.  I can understand the whole draw to ballet (although I personally would rather have my eyes gouged out than watch it).  Tap dancing is kind of fun to watch.  I have to admit I have seen quite a few Dancing with the Stars episodes, and so I guess I have to admit that ballroom dancing can be fun to watch.  Modern dance… It seemed like a whole lot of arm waving, running, and laying on the ground.

With that said, the production was visually beautiful at times.  At other times, my mental commentary was just too distracting to be moved by the dance.   For instance, during one dance, I kept narrating the action in my head so that I saw a story of a guy trying to tie his shoe and the girl trying to keep him from tying it.

Another dance just screamed “Ode to Menstruation” to me.   It featured a dancer in a white dress with red detailing who looked pained as she wrestled with a big red cloth.  I really do hope that was not what the dance was about, and I have a sneaky feeling that it had a much deeper meaning (which I obviously did not see).  My daughter thought the dance was about a strange vampire which was probably what it was about.

I am sure some of you are reading this and are thinking she is really brave for sharing how uncouth and uncultured she is.  I just hope that this confession will help someone else who finds themselves at a modern dance production and is thinking “What are they doing?”  I don’t want them to feel like they are the only one that does not get it. It is a public service I am willing to give.

I thought I would share this video, just in case you are reading this and have not been exposed to modern dance (like me before going on this field trip).  This is not the production I saw, but it will give you an idea of what I am talking about.

You can see why I was so impressed by how the dancers could run, do push ups, roll around on the ground, and impersonate seizures so gracefully.  Grace has never been my middle name. It also reminded me why I never made it through a year of ballet as a child.  That kind of grace is inherited and I did not get any of it!

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