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I hate when things fall apart or break.

I really hate it when it involves any kind of leaking.  Leaking can lead to water damage and really become a mess.  So when I noticed the toilet leaking in the kids’ bathroom, I started worrying and we called a plumber.

You know things are bad when the plumber looks at you and say “I hate it when this happens.  It appears to be a phantom leak and there really seems to be no reason why the toilet is leaking.  After a few hours and some dismantling and re-mantling (I know that is not really a word) the toilet, the darn leak started up again.

So, I made an impromptu trip to Home Depot with plumber in tow and bought a new toilet.  After accidentally losing the plumber on the way back to my house, due to my lack of view out of the back window (that toilet box was really tall), I finally had a non-leaking toilet.  Actually, the kids now have the nicest throne in the house.  Makes me kind of want to replace all the toilets…. OK, maybe not.

In honor of my awesome new toilet… Here is a little song to celebrate with (it also happens to be one of my kid’s favorites).


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