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So yesterday was President’s Day and the whole family had the day off.  We could have done something fun as a family (like go skiing, thrown the football around, or go to the art museum), but we were feeling lazy so instead we all kind of did our own thing.  My son and daughter went on some play dates, and I had a play date of my own (which was lunch and shopping with a friend).  My husband relaxed (kind of).

The problem was that once I got back from lunch and after my daughter and I re-watched the newest “Austin and Aly” and she headed off on her play date… I found there was nothing on TV.  I could have continued my quest to watch the first season of Downton Abby and get hooked on the show (like everyone else in the world and other people my age), but instead I decided that what I wanted to watch was The Wizards of Waverly Place.

Wizards of Waverly Place (season 2)

Wizards of Waverly Place (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I say “I”, because shortly after turning on the episode, “Wizards vs. Angels”, my son disappeared into the office to play Minecraft and that left just me (and my husband) watching the show.

So why did I not change the channel?  Well,  It could be that it was just because I love to see my husband roll his eyes at me (which thankfully I do love since he does it so often).  I may like to torture my husband with kid shows (probably what he thinks and happens to also be a side effect that occurs with most of the shows I watch).

Bibbity bobbity noNo, the real answer is that I think the show is kind of cute, and I may be just as excited as the kids are for the Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex episode.  What am I saying, truth be told, I am probably more excited.  Feel free to make fun of me.  I can take it.

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