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If you have… then you know how miserable it can be.

Olive, our puggle puppy, was spayed last Monday (which is a great thing because I am all for spaying and neutering puppies thanks to growing up with Bob Barker and The Price is Right).  When I picked her up on Tuesday, I was told to keep her calm and not let her get too active.  I knew I was in trouble when they brought her out and she started jumping up on me and running around in circles.  What followed was a lot of trying to keep her from scaling the baby gates (which are supposed to keep her in an area so that she can be calm and not run around), jumping up on high beds, swimming in the pond behind my in-laws, and chasing cats.

She is a hard dog to turn down!

Today she was supposed to be ready to run and play again, but she was not a very good at staying calm for the last seven days and so her stitches are leaking and we get to try this whole calm thing for another five days.  This time the stakes are even higher, because if she does not stay calm, then the weakened stitches (the stitches hold for 10 days) will rip and then they will have to go back in and restitch her back up.

Needless to say, the last seven days were rough and so I am not looking forward to another five days.  This time the vet recommends leash walks and kennel rest and what I heard was five days of pulling on the leash and whining because she is trapped in her kennel.

Fun times ahead!

Pity Party

Pity Party (Photo credit: Evil Erin)

Thanks for joining my pity party!  I am really glad you came!

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