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On Sunday, my husband took me to see Breaking Dawn: Part II.  He has not a Twilight fan by any means, but he never turns down an opportunity for a date night (or day as in this case).  The best part was that I think he enjoyed seeing the movie and not just because it was with me.  No, I think he saw for the first time why I love seeing movies like this one in the theater.

Watching movies like Twilight and Magic Mike are best in the company of screaming teenage girls and other women.   Watching the DVD at home is just not the same.  You really need to high pitched squeals and random comments.  Unfortunately (for my husband) the room was mostly filled with couples and families (several of which had kids under age 8).  Every parent can parent as they want, but when the sex scene came on I squirmed around uncomfortably because the kids were in there… and they were not even my kids and the scene really was not that graphic.   Hey, I will admit I tend toward the frigid side of things when it comes to sex and so it may be that I just need to loosen up.  I will admit my short-comings.

My favorite part of the movie was the scene with the Volturi.  It had me a bit shell shocked for a moment, but in a good way.  I am also a sentimental fool and decided to sit through the closing song and watch the credits for all the past characters.

Yet, If I had to say what the best part of watching the movie was it would have to be the trailers.  It is his commentary that makes watching the trailers so entertaining and the trailers before Breaking Dawn gave him lots of good material to comment on.  I was thinking that it would be selfish if I kept it to myself and so here is my gift to you (and so don’t say I never gave you anything).

1. Now You See Me

That movie looks amazing.  You can even tell from the trailer that it is going to be good.  We should definitely check that one out!

…And I do want to check this movie out.   It really does look amazing.

2. The Hunger Games

You know what that is called?  That is called… ‘We need to have some presence in front of that movie.  It is marketing at its most transparent.  Of course, this one was not a power point of stock photos like the one for ‘The Host‘.  That one was truly awful.   I kept waiting to see a watermark across one of the pictures.

3. Playing for Keeps

Sorry everyone, but there was no commentary on this one.  I think he was still ranting about “The Hunger Games” and “The Host” Trailers throughout this trailer and was not paying attention to it.

4. Parental Guidance

I will never watch that movie.  I’m serious.

I. Will. Never. Watch. That. Movie. Ever.

That sounds like a dare. [insert evil laugh here]

5. Warm Bodies

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

He can be so dramatic sometimes, but that is part of his charm.

For more of his insights on the trailers… you can check out his post about our movie night on his blog.

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