Tonight as I browsed the web, I came across these amazing mittens.

Seriously?  Who thought of this?  When I saw these I thought about how many drinks I would spill.  What could be worse for  a clumsy person?  I already knock over or drop  half the stuff I try to pick up, so I am thinking if I was wearing these little wonders I probably should not even try to touch anything.

I decided to show my husband what I found and his response…

“Those have to be be the stupidest things I have ever seen and I have been on a lot of planes recently and looked at a lot of Sky Mall magazines.”

Dagens Sky Mall-fynd - En klassiker

Dagens Sky Mall-fynd – En klassiker (Photo credit: pellesten)

After I stopped laughing, because I know we have been on many flights and we try to see who can find the stupidest item.  I like to think that I usually win.  Would these mittens be a winner for the “Sky Mall Stupid” Award though.  Then I thought Sky Mall does feature some great items…  just ask my daughter who wants to buy everything in the magazine when she reads it on the airplane.   I could be missing something.  It could be that I am just not that cool anymore.

I can’t help but think… Is this going to be the next big thing?  Have I found the next must have item?   Will my daughter be begging me for these soon?

I guess time will tell.

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