Another week has passed so it is about time to share some more things I am thankful for.  Here goes nothing…

1.  I am thankful to “First World Problems”, because I got a lot of first world problems.  Why would I be thankful for swearing under my breath as my dog sniffs around the yard rather than pooping as I freeze to death…and then trying to to scream as she poops on the floor not five minutes after we come inside?  I am thankful that this is the worst the world has for me today.  So many other people have a lot worse things they have to bear, like being outside, for much longer 15 minutes I had to, because they don’t have a  warm place to go inside to.

First world problem

First world problem (Photo credit: Ludie Cochrane)

Today with my iPhone froze I cursed the blasted thing, but then I thought to myself… I should be thankful that I have that dang phone to be pissed at.

2. I am thankful to my wonderful neighbors.  I live in a pretty awesome neighborhood.  I could list the normal things that people love about the place they live such as … Our swim team and all the great families and kids that participate in it, that people wave “hi” when they drive by, and that I love that my kids have so many friends that they can run around with, but what I really love is that my neighbors are fun people who don’t take themselves too seriously.  I am sure there is one or two families that do, but I am thankful that I have not met them yet.  No, I love that our community’s FB page is a place where we help each other and where our neighborhood comedians show off their stuff.  What other neighborhood could have this much fun complaining about bears and dogs pooping in yards?

Fred’s not a fan of a poopy yard, especially when it is not his dog doing it.

Hopefully the bears are on FB, because they don’t want to make the mistake of pooping in Fred’s yard.

3. I am thankful for being a Navy Brat.  I grew up living in navy housing and moving every 2-4 years, but I would not have it any other way.  I am so proud that my parents were both in the Navy and they also both retired as commanders.  That is pretty awesome, considering I was told not to apply for the military due to being allergic to a common food (milk), having asthma (exercise induced), and a very minor heart condition.

I want you for the Navy promotion for anyone e...

I want you for the Navy promotion for anyone enlisting, apply any recruiting station or postmaster: United States recruiting poster for women to enlist in the Navy, World War I. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am thinking it must be pretty hard to be healthy enough to serve and then I also think that I probably would not have been a very good soldier since I am not a fan of exercise and have a hard time following directions.  I am actually not a big fan of being told what to do (just ask my husband).

4.  I also have to say I am McDonald’s Egg Nog shake.  I love those things and it made today’s errands much more rewarding.

5.  I am going to grudgingly say I am thankful for Minecraft.  My kids love that game and recently my husband began playing it as well.  It has given me hours or time where my kids forget to fight with each other.  My only gripe is that it gets really boring  being in a room with the three of them engrossed in their game, but maybe I just need to think of it as a good reading time.

Minecraft - Library

Minecraft – Library (Photo credit: Bricknave)

6.  I am also thankful to 50% off sales!  It has really been cold lately.  It may be because it is November, but really the cold could have waited until December before rearing its ugly head.  Well, the cold caught me off guard and so we had not purchased the kids’ winter coats and that had not gone unnoticed by my daughter.  Thankfully, Old Navy had 50% off of their outer wear this weekend so I was able to get both of my kids winter coats at around $25 each.  The cherry on the top of this fabulousness was that I got myself the cutest red wool coat for $27.  I love a red wool coat and so I am one happy girl.

7.  Finally, I am thankful for my husband returning home from out of town today.  I am even more thankful that he does not have another out of town trip until after Thanksgiving.  By the way, I am pretending that Thanksgiving is not next week.  It seems like Thanksgiving came really early this year and I am not a fan.

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