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I am not sure if you have noticed but a lot of people are sharing what they are thankful for each day on Facebook. It is a great idea and I am thinking that I should share the things I am thankful for too (although I am not feeling very thankful to WordPress right now because when I published this post it erased the first part of it and now I have to remember what I wrote).  Anyway, it is really too lofty a goal to think that I will be able to maintain a post a day, given my track record with posting lately so I will try to post 7 things I am thankful for each week.

1.  I am thankful to my wonderful husband who has been with me for the last 12 years and has yet to kill me!  He is a good man!

2.  I am also thankful for the two kids that we have.  Two wonderful loving kids who love and cherish us and each other.  In fact they love each other so much that they often have to act like they would rather be only children, just so people don’t get jealous  of how lucky they are.  As I write this I am listening to them tell each other how much they love each other by saying “That is why I want to hit you right now,” and “Will you stop it!”  Sibling love!

3.I am also thankful to my wonderful dogs who bring me lots of love and poop.  A little too much poop if you ask me, but really they don’t. I suppose it is a way of sharing their love with me, but I think I would even more thankful for them if they could just show their love for me outdoors.

4.  I am also thankful to my cats.  They have been wonderful cats with the kids and no matter what the kids do, they have never tried to hiss or bite the kids, which is why I am still thankful for them even though Lemon, has decided that the kids bath mat is a great place to mark and after countless washings and pee treatments I finally threw it away.  I am not sure what he loved or even hated about that mat, but now it is gone.

5. I am thankful for having a house and for it being warm…because it is pretty cold outside.


Thermometer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6. I am especially thankful that the political commercials end today.  My kids are such sponges that they have learned lots about the candidates through them and have spent the last 2 weeks sharing the various ideas they have learned through the commercials with us.  I am ever so thankful that I have now voted and will not have to hear about how voting for Romney will make us live in a junkyard (from some commercial he had seen).


Vote (Photo credit: Vaguely Artistic)

I am also thankful to the nice people at the voting precinct for trying to stifle their giggles as my son yelled and screamed at me for voting for Romney!  I know it was hard not to look our way when he was yelling “Mom! No!  Why did you vote for Romney!  He will hire more teachers!  Erase it!”  Also, I should be thankful to those working at the precinct for not throwing us out.

7. I am also thankful to my parents and my extended family!  Today is my birthday and without them I would be nothing.  Seriously I would really be nothing, because I would not exist.

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