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I feel so bad for not posting more this week.

The problem was I just have not been doing anything “post worthy”.  I have not been feeling like a Supermom lately (and no dirty old men have been checking me out).  Seriously, I have been so boring, that I have not even found the humor in it boringness.

It is Friday though and so I thought I would share the highlights of the week so that you can be impressed with the mundane happenings of our household (or rather to help you see your life that your life is much more exciting than mine). 

  1. I met some friends for a “Tired Moms Brunch”.  I have to say this may be the highlight of the week.  It is always nice to talk to other moms for a little while.  Talking to adults without children present is such a luxury!
  2. I took our puppy to the vet and now I can say that she has all her puppy shots and can now go on long walks and drink Pina Coladas after being caught in the rain.  OK, the vet did say she should not have Pina Coladas until she is at least 21 in dog years… but the walks were approved.
  3. I de-cluttered one bookshelf.  It looks good.  Now I just need to find a place for all the stuff I took off of it.  I also started trying to organize the office (again).  I swear I organized the office and de-clutter it and more stuff appears.  It is like magic.  It is like little elves come in and fill it with all kinds of stuff. At any rate, I am trying to conquer the stuff again.  Those elves won’t know what hit them.  I also did a lot of other daily cleaning tasks… which would really bore you if I listed them.
  4. I caught up on sleep… or did I?
  5. I managed to get dressed and run errands on most days this week.  Hey, that is something to be proud of.
  6. I also managed to keep my kids fed, cleaned and clothed, and got Delaney to swim team practice.   They also got their homeork done and managed not to kill each other.
  7. I watched “The Voice“.  I am so happy that is back on, but I have to say I am not as excited as my daughter was.  She is Adam Levine obsessed!  Her favorite singer so far… Domo. I don’t mean this Domo.

    No, this Domo is a girl and I don’t think that I can can put into words what she was like.  If you missed her audition, then you can watch it here (I tried to embed it, but it was not going to work for me).   Seriously, I think only Cee Lo could handle that much personality.  She should make the show interesting (to say the least).  I also watched some new shows that show some promise… “The New Normal” and “Go On”.  I also finished reading Elvis and the Dearly Departed by Peggy Webb.  It was a cute cozy mystery that focuses around an eccentric family and a dog who is Elvis reincarnated.  A fun book, but nothing that taxes the brain too much.

Hmm.  Wish there was more to share.

Wait, it is still early…

I am changing the cat’s litter boxes today, so that should be exciting!