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So long time…no posting.   So much has been going on here, I really should have been posting!  I guess that is how it works though, when life gives you a ton of stuff that could be post worthy then really there is no time to write.

I am back though and working on a way to share with you all the happenings, because life has been pretty challenging (not in a jump off a bridge way, but more in a give me a headache way) lately.

So I thought I would share some thoughts on the last week and a half with some pins…

Kids Say the Darnest things

Source: azcentral.com via Tara on Pinterest


I love this idea for wall art and capturing memories.  My kids say some awesome things. Most of them are not quotes that I would want to memorialize in wall art, but I am pretty sure they will say something that is worthy at some point.

Actually, my son said something the other day that was pretty cute.  We had to go to the bank, because I lost my checkbook and then realized that we were out of checks… all while the guy that fixed my HVAC was waiting to be paid.  What can I say….That is how life has been lately.   At any rate, we were on our way when we had this conversation.

The Boy:  Mom, banks are mean to poor people.

Me:  Why do you think that?

The Boy:  They don’t give poor people money.  That is so mean.  They need to give them some money so they won’t be poor.  

That is why he is so sweet.  If only the problem of poverty could be solved so simply.

I’m Hot (in a sweaty not sexy way)

Source: someecards.com via Tara on Pinterest


We have had a ton of AC issues lately.  The night before we left for Tennessee, I noticed it was kind of hot upstairs in our house.  Shortly after, we realized that the reason it was hot upstairs was because the AC was pushing out hot air instead of cool air.  Well, we were leaving for the week, so we would deal with it when we got back.

Well, I am thinking that angered the AC gods, because they decided that the AC in the car we were driving to Tennessee did not need AC either.  Less that 3 hours after leaving the house, I noticed that it was getting  a bit hot in the car.  In a desavue moment, I shared my observation and again we noticed that the AC was pushing out hot air instead of cool air.  Lovely.  Since we still had 6 more hours of driving to go and the thermometer read 105 degrees outside, we decided we had to stop and see if there was any way to fix the AC.

After a bit of research (considering we were in North Carolina and did not know the area) we found a Firestone that was able to get the car in.  After a 2 hour wait and a lot of walking around in a very depressing K-Mart, we learned that we needed a new compressor and they did not have the part.  So we finished the drive in a pool of our own sweat and taking lots of breaks in air conditioned places.  I can say I did not enjoy the 100 degree weather in any way in the last few weeks.

Mornings Since Olive

Source: google.com.au via Lauren on Pinterest


Well, Olive is here.  She has been a wonderful little puppy.   I have been staying up late so that I can walk her and then get up.   Well, needless to say mornings have sucked.  Today was the last swim practice for the kids and my husband comes back from travel tonight… so you know what I am thinking.  Yep, someone is going to get up early tomorrow to walk the dog and take my daughter to camp and hopefully it will not be me.

Hope your life has been been filled with cool air, great conversation, and lots of wonderful mornings!  If not, then at least I hope you have found some pins that can make you laugh about it.