I had good intentions to get this one out on Tuesday… but well, it was swim meet day.

We are getting ready for a family vacation to Tennessee.  We are very excited about the vacation, but a little apprehensive about the 8 hour road trip with the kids.  8 hours in a small car can be stifling… and can be a bit boring.  Considering that today my kids started complaining about the 5 min drive to Target by crying “How long is it going to take us!” and “We have been in the car forever!”… you can see why the 8 hour drive may be a bit long.

So thankfully… I have lots of pins of great ideas to keep the kids happy on the drive.

Bags O’ Fun

Source: via Tara on Pinterest

This is such a fun idea!  Also, it can be done in a cost effective manner.   I think the kids will love the anticipation of opening a present when he drive into the different towns we encounter on our trip. We went to 5 Below and picked up lots of little activities, toys, and candy.  Think we picked up enough to have bags for the ride there and the ride back.  The kids are very excited about this idea and are already trying to come up with ways to annoy me enough to give them the stuff early.  It is going to be a long rest of the week.

Road Trip Binder

Well… the first pin I found just brought me to the blog.  That kind of drives me a bit nuts.  I want to click the pin and just go straight to the good stuff!  So I ended up creating a new pin.  Now I can see the Road Trip Binder in all it’s glory.  I really like this idea.  I also like the idea of having some academic work in the binder to do on the trip.  Preparing schedules for the trip was another great idea… and one that I would have thought I would have thought of.  Of Course, we are never on schedule so maybe that is why I did not think about it.  The idea of giving tickets for special words is another cute idea, but I have to admit that the first time I read it I thought the tickets were for catching their parents saying swear words… which would make sense because I really try not to swear around the kids… but I have the most problems holding in the words when driving.  It is super hard to not swear when someone cuts you off.

Eating on the Road

What a great little idea!  It seems there are never enough cup holders back there… probably because the cup holders are filled with pens and other toys the kids don’t want to lose.  My guess is that if you can find these at a dollar store or the dollar aisle at Target… they may be worth their weight in gold. If I see them, we may try this tip out.

Have a wonderful 4th of July and may you have safe and relatively quiet and non-stressful road trips this summer.  I sure hope that our trip will be a happy one.