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So I spent a lot of time trying to find the best kitty litter for our family… Just in case you missed it I tested out Amazing Cat Litter, and some natural kinds as well.   As you may know kitty litter and litter boxes work well as long as the cat gets to the litter box.  Unfortunately, what is a cat supposed to use when they are accidentally locked in the spare bedroom? Good question, right?   You are probably wondering what cats and litter have to do with a bag that has a dog as a logo… don’t worry there is a connection coming.

Our cats found that our beach bag made a great impromptu litter box.  Our beach bag was a favorite for 3 years.  It was a 4 boys bag by Scout… and I loved that thing.  Seriously, I was so conflicted when I found the bag after finding the cats trapped in the bedroom all day.  I was happy that the cats did not pee on my carpet or the bed and I was overjoyed that the Scout bag kept the pee from leaking out onto the carpet.  I was also sad because I was not going to have to throw the bag away.  I say “had to” because really I wasn’t going to use the pee bag as our beach bag anymore… From that point on I would just see it and remember the awful smell and the fact that cats peed in it.   Yet, it is a pretty good testimonial to the greatness of these bags.  I mean how many of beach bags do you know would keep cat pee from contaminating the area around it?  Not many, I would bet.

I liked the bag for so many other reasons.  I could fit four big plushy beach towels in it.  Not only that there was still room for changes of clothes, a small cooler bag (yeah, I have a Scout lunch bag too), and all the beach toys and sunscreen.  It was waterproof and so what is inside stayed dry even when I left it a little too near the edge of the pool.  It wiped clean so when my kids threw a open juice box in it… It was as good as new after a quick washing at the sink and/or being wiped off with a clorox wipe.  It was also a great overnight bag… The possibilities were endless.

Now don’t get me wrong… I have other bags that I could turn to.  I actually have an overnight bag which I love for weekend trips (especially when I have to fly).   I also love that how awkward my husband feels when he has to pull my green giraffe printed bag through the airport sometimes.  Since I did not have a beach bag anymore, I have been a cheap reusable shopping bag from IKEA, but I missed my Scout Beach Bag. I missed how perky the print was and how my shoulders did not hurt because the straps were digging into my shoulders… So finally, I picked up a new beach bag!  

This time I went for the smaller Deano bag, but I was still happy that it fit everything we needed for the pool and is a little less bulky.  I am one happy beach bag packer now and I am hoping that the cats don’t try using it as a litter box any time soon.

I don’t know if you could tell, but I kinda love Scout by Bungalow Bags (and I secretly would not mind it if they saw this and decided that I would be a great person to try out some more of the stuff… hint hint).

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