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So it has been hot in my neck of the woods and since it is so hot… there has not been much to do except hide inside my air-conditioned house.  Last night at about 9:45 I felt like it should have been a lot later… I still ended up going to bed around 12 am, because I wanted to wait until the storm passed before heading to bed.

At around 8 am, I awoke.  Not on my own, but because a cat was thrown on my face.  I heard a little talking amongst my children and some murmuring about finding the cat again… since she had run away landing on my head (like any smart cat would have done).  I tried to go back to sleep again, but alas I was awake.

The sun was shining brightly through our window and I was surprisingly not tired so I assumed it was 10 am or even later.  I decided my husband should get up as well and so I woke him up.  I would not want him sleeping through this beautiful obnoxiously hot day.  When I got downstairs, I decided to thank my son for his ingenious alarm clock.

Me:  So, did you throw a cat on my face this morning?

The Boy: No.  I mean Yes.

Me:  I suppose I need to thank you for waking me up with a cat.

The Boy:  It was Ada.  I was trying to put her on your belly or really beside you.  She wanted to sleep beside you.  

Silly cats… they never do what you want them to.  But, even my son may have been not trying to wake me up (which I do not believe that for a second)… It is a pretty good way to wake people up.  I should try that when school starts again.  Maybe even leave a little note…
someecards.com - I am not going to let you sleep the day away... So get up or get a cat thrown on your face. Cat claws hurt eyes, so make the right choice.
The note just screams love and concern!

Of course, I also thanked my kids for letting us sleep in (because even though I was woken up in an unusual way, they did let me sleep in.  My husband looked groggy and befuddled and then pointed out it was 8 am and that he was confused about this “sleeping in” that I was talking about.  I pointed out that the clock was blinking (due to the power loss from the storm last night) and then smiled at him a bit too smugly and said “the power went out so that clock is wrong.”  What would he do without me, right? Then he picked up my phone… “It is 8 o’clock…unless your phone lost power too, which it didn’t.”  I had to admit defeat again… but only in theory.

Because… what if he never pointed out the time, I could have lived with just thinking I slept in.  If you think it… it makes it true, right?  A person, who wakes up at 6 am everyday, would definitely think that waking up at 8 am is totally sleeping in.  So I am going to just pretend that we usually wake up at 6 am so that I can enjoy the notion that our kids let us sleep in today.