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So since I have many saved some drafts... I thought I would throw caution to the wind and go ahead and finish them.  Even though they are a tad bit out of date, I figure the information and my pithy thoughts really don’t go out of style.

Our yummy dinner!

So I really have continued to cook even though I have not shared any of my experiments with you lately… One of my experiments came from the Summer 2012 Recipe.com magazine.  Online I found the recipe at bhg.com.

This was a quick and easy side that was really delicious and paired great with some grilled pork chops.  Really, I don’t think I could even mess up this recipe!  The only issue I had with the recipe was that it called for 2 pounds of green beans… Seriously, what family of 4 can eat 2 pounds of green beans for a side.  I decided that 1 pound was enough and so I halved the recipe.  This seemed like the perfect amount for our family and I was not left with a ton of leftovers.  My kids even ate it (Only after my son complained that he did not know what the little red pieces were and were certainly not going to eat them).  Overall, I thought it was a hit.

I served this warm, but I think it would be fine cold and as a potluck dish… but since I did not try it cold…I really could not be sure that it would not just be a soggy mess, so if you do try it out and serve it cold, please let me know how you liked it.   Definitely let me know if it becomes a soggy mess, because that is the kind of information I tend to want to know.