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Well, looky here… Two posts in two days!  Seriously, I hope I can keep this up.

I have not been on Pinterest very much either in the last few weeks either, but I found some great pins to share anyways… even if I just went out and found them an hour ago.  I think they are good ones though.
Beachtastic Treats


I was also thinking I may need to create a board for “Stuff I would do if I was one of those awesome kind of mothers, but I am not so I am posting it as inspiration for others. If I had this board, I would totally post this on it. I think this is so cute, but I think there is a 98% chance that I will never find the time to make them.

Watermelons + Rice Crispies treats = Awesome


This is more my speed. I may try this recipe out because I have made rice crispie treats before and these are pretty cute.
Watermelon for Adults


Now, this is what summer is about. Actually, I have sprinkled my watermelon with a little salt on occasion and it is really good. So, I can just imagine that it would be even more tasty if you add a little tequila.
What a great combination Watermelon Rice Crispie treats for the kids and watermelon margarita slices for adults. It seems I should be planning a party…