It has been a long long time since I have last posted… I am so sorry.  I am also sorry that when I did finally post something it was not finished… maybe I am not all that sane.

I do not have a good excuse either.  I have not been gravely ill, maimed in a freak accident, bogged down at work, or been on vacation.  Seriously, I wish I had one.

No, it really was that I got out of the routine of sitting down and writing.  It was not that I did not have anything to share, because I did and I have a lot of half written drafts to prove it.  I also had many ideas for posts that never even made it to draft form.    It is a shame really, because I really have been doing some fun things.

I was a bit busy the last week of school for the kids, due to 1/2 days, end of the year activities and celebrations, putting together teacher gifts (which I managed to deliver after school had ended).    My daughter had a camp out day where I helped with s’mores using my s’more maker (and my husband totally thought that was a silly purchase).  Of course, I was also Mom of the Year since my daughter was the only child without a sleeping bag and flashlight.  She was only slightly pissed.  Thankfully, my husband was the one to put the kids on the bus that day, so I just blamed him. OK, I did admit that I should have pulled out the stuff the night before so I am partly to blame too.

Swim team has started that same week and so now we are at the pool every day.  I wish I was a pool person.  Honestly, this year I am enjoying the fact that my kids are great swimmers and I don’t have to go in with them.  I am not enjoying how hot it has been though.  Even though I lost a good amount of weight… I still hate bathing suits and I still look horrible in them (and I do know that I could fix that situation through excercise, but I prefer just avoiding wearing them).   My kids are doing really well on the swim team though.  My daughter got a taste of success and had her two best times and two 1st place ribbons for the freestyle and the backstroke and she did it with her grandfathers and my brother present.

My son totally loves swim meet nights!

Speaking of which, my father-in-law came down for two days to help my husband stain the decks… in 97 degree weather.  That is an awesome Father and Father-in-Law! Did I mention after staining the decks in the heat all day my husband and his father then sat in the heat to watch the swim meet?  Well, they were troopers and honestly I was a bit afraid both of them would get heat stroke.

Along with deck staining, I have been on a mission to mulch the playground area in our back yard.  It is about 3/4ths the way completed now and it has only taken me a month to get that far.  I would be a terrible landscaper.  I have also been to Home Depot to buy bags of mulch 6 times so far.  I also have a policy to not mulch in 97 degree weather so… It has been hard to find a 70 degree day to work out in the yard.  My goal is to complete it by the end of the summer.

Finally, I have been writing a lot of drafts for posts (and surprisingly I have not accidentally posted them yet).  So, even though they are a bit out of date…I am going to try and finish them and post them so that I can get back into the groove blogging wise.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we made the trip to see our puppy, Olive last Friday… Here are the latest pics (taken by my husband because I left my phone in the car…not very shocking, I know).

The picture of cuteness!

Such a sweet picture of my girls!