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There are a lot of people who happen upon my lowly blog because they were searching for something that they wanted to know.  Unfortunately, I doubt that they found it here.  I always feel bad when I realize that someone did not find what they were looking for, so I picked out a few searches that I thought I could help out with.  I am a giver and a bit too curious for my own good, what can I say?

To the person looking for “duggar family house floor plan”:

You are looking for a closely guarded secret and one that I obviously don’t have (actually I don’t even have a floor plan for the house I live in to share with you {hangs head in shame}).  I can completely understand why you were curious about their floor plan  though.  They have a rock climbing wall, slide, a cafe, a game room, and a prayer closet in that house and that is not something you see in most homes.  Well,  All I can tell you is that I know the house is really big!  I know you probably already know that.

The best information I could find was a post on Hooked on Houses.  It doesn’t have a floor plan, but it does have lots of pictures and a good look at their cafe.  I am kind of confused about the whole cafe thing.  Why exactly do they need it?  They have that big kitchen and the enormous dining room table.  Personally, I don’t think I would use a cafe on a daily basis, but then again I don’t have 19 kids.   Sorry, I was no help then, but I hope you still got use of that laundry detergent recipe (I still have not gotten around to trying it).

To the person who wanted to know “what happened to tummy tank”:

Tummy Tanks love a good party!

Well, my tummy tank has been a little out of control lately. I think it having a bit of a midlife crisis, but I still love my tummy tank. If you were not worried about my Tummy Tank and its out of control behavior, then I am guessing you may have been worried about the company.  Although, I have not tried their competitor “Yummie Tummie” or “Yummy Tummy” (could be the same company or could be two different companies), it would seem that it is far easier to buy a slimming tank top made by them. Does it mean it is a better tank top?  I have no idea… but if you want the tank top I tried, I would pick one up through Bluefly.

To the person looking for a “Drunken Cake”:

Hmm, I have never made a drunken cake, so I know that you were really disappointed. If I were going to make one I would just use a store bought cake mix, make the cake, and then douse it with some type of alcoholic beverage.  I doubt it would taste good.  Since I aim to please, I did find a cake recipe (that I have never tried) for you.  It also uses a store bought cake mix, so who knows I may even try to make it myself someday.

This is for the person searching for “whore house northern va”:

At first, I have to admit that I was shocked that you found my website while searching for such an unsavory place, but then I guessed it probably sent you to this post.  That is what I get for sharing my love for musicals with Dolly Parton in it.    Unfortunately for you, this kind of establishment is not legal in Virginia.  I know it is hard to believe, but Virginia is kind of a conservative state.  Northern Virginia may seem like it is progressive, but it is still attached to the Old Dominion and has to follow the laws created by our very conservative state government.  I don’t know if this is what you are really looking for, but from some of the reviews you could try this motel near Potomac Mills.  My personal recommendation is to look in West Virginia, D.C. or Maryland.  You may have the best luck in Nevada, so fork over the money for a little trip.

Finally, for the person who “hates holly trees because of the mess”: 

Hmm, I never realized holly trees made a huge mess.  Where have I been?  I guess not around holly trees.  I can say that Magnolia tress make a huge mess.  My husband hated our very old, very big magnolia tree that we had at our old house.

How my husband felt when he had to rake the magnolia’s leaves.
image found on http://www.www.chucknorrisatemybaby.com

I loved that tree, but it did make a huge mess.  I did come across this article that really highlights the nuisance holly trees can be.  Yet, I think this quote really shows why those messy trees are such a blessing to those of us that love them…”I`ve got plenty of holly, and I like it,” Willard said. “The `coons live in there, and the otters live in the roots of the holly growing on the canal. They are a piece of my heaven.”  Then I found this post about the same kind of tree… Who knew this tree was illegal to plant, possess, or move in Florida.   I am not sure if this is the “holly” that they were talking about, but if it is then “Yes, it is messy.”

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