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We have had ups and downs this last week…

At first we found a puppy (a pug/chihuahua mix) that we fell in love with… Unfortunately the adoption process is difficult when you don’t have a fenced back yard* and we were too late (and even if we had a fence).  The puppy was already in the process of being adopted.  We are happy that he found a forever home, but we were all sad that it was not with us.

I don’t think we were really looking to add to our family, but after talking about the puppy we found out that we did want to get another dog.  In fact, we figured out that we really wanted a pug mix.  So after much debate, we decided we wanted to go for it.  We wanted a pug mix and we really wanted a puppy (mainly because we wanted the puppy to grow up with the cats and our older dog and a lot of the older dogs would come in with past experiences with kids and other animals like cats that may not be favorable).  We were still open to finding a young (under 2 years) dog that was used to cats and kids, but there were not very many around and then the fence thing came back into play.  Although we originally thought we would adopt (like we had with the cats), we realized that finding a dog through the same process would be a lot harder.

Luckily, we found a breeder who I really liked only 2 hours away.  I really liked her attitude, her love for her dogs, and the fact that she she gave her mommas a year rest after having puppies and that she loved her dogs after they were too old to breed and would never euthanize one of her dogs just because they were too old to make her money.  The stars aligned for us because she had a litter,of puggles, who would be ready to go home after we got back from our vacation.  Our vacation planned in early July and we did not want to bring home a puppy and then immediately leave it with a petsitter.   So, today we went to meet her and tour her farm.  After a 2-hour drive we got there and instantly fell in love with one of the puppies.

So cute, isn’t she?

She was too young to hold or play with, but she scooted over towards our voices.  The only bad part was the tears my son shed when we left and we had to leave the puppy there.

So, we did not bar-b-que, but we did have a date night, got some good family time in at a putt-putt fun center, caught up on sleep, and made it to the pool.   I also had some time to play on Pinterest…

Pug Crazy

Source: google.ca via Tara on Pinterest


My daughter has been pug crazy.  It started before we found that sweet puppy on Petfinder, then they realized their favorite cartoon dog (Jake from Adventure Time) is a pug.  So when my daughter saw this cute little creation… it is safe to say that she was in love.  I have to admit that it is pretty cute!

Rabbit Wisdom


The Girl had her last girl scout meeting of the year last Thursday.  For the last meeting, she had to give a presentation about how local businesses were “green”.  She is a perfectionist (which is the opposite of what I am), but she also inherited fear of public speaking and my ability to beat myself up.  Not a good combination!  So when she froze and forgot what she was supposed to say, well it did not end well.  She did make it through with some prompting, but the aftermath was tears and a lot of beating herself up.  Yet, I was so proud of her!  She made it through!  I would have lost it and probably ran away, but she held it together did not chuck the posterboard across the room (like she told me she had wanted to do).   I don’t think she wants to do a presentation anytime soon, but I think that she hopefully will see that she did it and there is more that she can do than she thinks.

Shades of Grey

Source: someecards.com via Tara on Pinterest


So I finally could not put off reading Shades of Grey.  My book club meets on June 5 and so I decided I had to read this book.  I am not sure why I am not as excited about this book as everyone else seems to be, but I find that I am not in the mood for it.  This is a big bummer for my husband who is really hoping that it will awaken some dominatrix or playboy bunny in me.  At any rate, I am hoping that it will suck me into it (like I have heard from many friends). So far (and I admit I have only made it through 10 pages) it is only OK … and I am looking wistfully at another book from a favorite series that is waiting for me.

* I totally understand why rescue organizations require fenced in backyards.  I would love to fence our yard in, but at this time it is just not in our plans.  Who knows though… The puppy may change our minds.