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I thought Facebook set up their ads based my interests… Maybe I am wrong, but if I am not then I wonder what Facebook thinks of me.

I have kids so I guess I can see why they may think that I might get pregnant again.  I have no plans to ever be pregnant again, but if there is someone looking at photos I can understand how they may think I am pregnant.  Their ad worked too… because I admit I clicked on it. I had to see what “pregnancy” shoes were.

I don’t think I thought about this… but now that I have seen what they are talking about I can see their appeal.  I might be interested in the shoes… but luckily I don’t have to worry about buying new shoes for this reason.

Hmm. The next ad really had me a bit perplexed.

Gout?  Really?  I had to look up with gout was, because the ad did make me a bit curious about why they thought I would be interested in the study.

So I have to admit they got one thing right… 

I love watching The Spelling Bee!  That is definitely something I should like.  Also… So excited it is almost time for the Spelling Bee!

Have you seen some ads that have made you laugh lately or just made you a little curious about what they were about?