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I am not sure who started the Wordless Wednesday Blog topic or party, but I thought I would participate today*.  Mother’s day has come and gone, but I had to share what my kids thought I was good at…

From The Girl**:

Unfortunately, this is not the classic “Jesse’s Girl” (because I am not that cool), no she likes it when I sing the theme song for Disney’s “Jesse.”

What can I say, it’s catchy! When she watches that show, I have to sing at least the “Hey Jesse” and the “Down, down, down” parts.  I also can’t help singing the Phineas and Ferb theme.  Something about those disney theme songs… by the way I still can sing the Ducktales and Gummy Bear theme songs from cartoons I watched when I was young too.

From The Boy:

I think his recipe speaks volumes of my amazing culinary abilities, don’t you?  Although, I think I might be something wrong since it takes me 50 minutes to make it.

* I did realize that I did not really do this correctly.  I don’t follow directions well, and have a hard time doing anything “wordlessly”.  I hope you don’t mind.

** By the way I did not show the whole paper, but she said she knows I work hard “Cleaning the house”.  Score!!  I am not completely failing at this stay at home thing.