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It has been a while since I posted about my quest to find the best cat litter.  Recently, I put…

World’s Best Multiple Cat Clumping Cat Litter


BLUE Naturally Fresh Multi-cat Quick Clumping Cat Litter.

What makes a better natural cat litter corn or walnut shells?

But first… I must tell you about my undomestic awesomeness that I promised that I would share with you guys.  It is related, trust me!

We keep the downstairs litter box in our office, because open floor plans really don’t give you any great places to hide litter boxes.  Last Friday, I decided I should try and clean up the office a bit (it is the last room to be picked up, because I believe offices are working rooms and therefore have a right to be messy).  When I pick up the office, I always start off with the litter box.  Who wants to clean in a stinky room?  Also, I always make a mess when I scoop out the litter box so it is best to do it before I vacuum and mop.  On this special day, I lifted up the top and found that my cat(s) have been peeing on the little stairs inside the dome.  No wonder it smelled so quickly after changing the litter (btw we found some of the leftover clay litter so that was what we used this time)!  A little ticked and after a few expletives shouted, I decided that I had to throw all the cat litter away (even though the litter box has just been changed) and wash out the whole litter box.  I got the garbage bag and patted myself on the back for not making as big of a mess as I usually do.  I am moving along.  Throw the bag of litter in the trashcan in the back of the house, and then it is time to conquer the office.  Obviously, Life had a little something up it’s sleeve.

Life’s curve ball of choice that day came in the form of a little hole in the bottom corner of the trash bag.  Of course, I did not notice this until I set the bag down to open the back door.  Slowly, and tentatively I turned around to look behind me.  I saw just what I suspected… a trail of scattered litter all over the kitchen, playroom, and even though I could not see it I suspected all over the hall and foyer too. Awesome! I managed to get the bag to the trashcan without spreading more of the litter, then went back to survey the mess.  Thankfully, the clay litter clumped like a champ and it was fairly new litter, so most of the mess was clean litter.  Still, I got to sweep, mop and vacuum most of the down stairs, because clean litter or not…. it still is gross to think of it all over the floors.  Needless to say, the office still looks like it did before I decided to clean it up (although it was mopped and vacuumed).  The best part of these kind of messes, is that although it took me a long time to clean… You could not tell that I spent my day cleaning.  When I was finished, the house looked the same as it did when my husband left that morning.

And now that I shared why I only buy clumping cat litter, I guess I should get to the main event of this post…

Right off the bat, I liked the color of the World’s Best Cat Litter More.  BLUE’s Cat litter was a dark brown so the little bits that got out of the litter box always made me do a double take wondering if that was the litter or a tiny bit of pooh.  Both formulas were not very dusty, although The World’s Best Cat Litter had a bit more dust to it.

Of course, the biggest question for me was how much the litter hid the cat litter smell.   Although The World’s Best Cat Litter claimed to make my whole house smell fresher, I did not find that to be the case.  It did do a good job with the cat odors though.    Unfortunately, BLUE’s Formula did not mask the smell as well.  Both litters did require scooping to keep the odors away, which is part of the course.   Both formulas could be flushed as well.

When it came to clumping… I thought that World’s best had a tighter clump and did not break apart as easily, but found that BLUE’s formula did not stick to the side of the litter box as much.  My cats did not seem to like BLUE’s litter as much and tended to use the other litter box (with World’s Best Cat Litter) more.  So, in all fairness, The World’s Best Cat Litter had to work a bit harder than BLUE’s Formula at my house.

Yet, I do give some points to BLUE.  I love their pet trading cards!  Ada is like a baseball player now…

She is looking a little smug…

Conspiring to throw me some curve balls no doubt.

Overall… I still think I liked Amazing Cat Litter the best.  The odor control has been the best out of all the litters I have tried (and really that is what matters most to me).  For a second choice (since Amazing Cat Litter is not at every grocery store) I think I will pick up a bag of World’s Best Cat Litter.