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I am so sorry for not popping by and posting.  As my last post said… I had a busy week and then some.  Still I do feel bad not sharing all the fun I had.

So, since I last posted this is what you missed…

I have been bitten by a tick.  This may not seem like big news, but really to me it is.  I hate ticks and really they hate me.   I found the tick last Friday morning and had to wait  the whole day, with it sucking my blood, to have my husband pull it off of me.  I thought about getting someone else to remove it but it decided to bite me where my upper leg meets my hip, so after much debate (with myself), I decided that there was no discreet way to remove the tick.  As normal, it has created a huge reaction to the area and is healing at an incredibly slow rate.

This tick came right before I left for a weekend of camping fun with my daughter and her girl scout troop.

Favorite part of the camping trip was spending some time at this little cove.

I made it through the camping trip without another tick… which is funny because you would think that there would be more ticks out in the woods than in a suburban area.  I am not complaining though, because another tick may have sent me over the edge.   I would take spiders and any other creepy crawlers over a tick any day.  

Of course, this spider sitting behind the toilet in one of the bathroom stalls at the girl scout camp did get avoided.  I would never kill it, but even I am not brave enough sit down with my pants to my ankles and risk the chance that the spider would not choose that moment to explore.

I came home from the camping trip and was greeted by the best husband in the world.
While I was gone, he cleaned the house, got me chocolate covered strawberries and made a scrumptious dinner.  

Although I was tired and extremely happy to have a bath, I also was extremely happy to celebrate mother’s day with my family on the couch.

I have been busy doing little things like volunteering at the school for my usual math games with 2nd grade and chaperoning field trips.

The Boy with a big bald eagle head on the field trip.

Last Thursday, I went with my daughter on a visit to a I also had a bunco night and a training so that I can be clerk of course for my daughter’s swim team’s home meets.

I have had my share of domestic disasters this week as well… I had hoped to make my most recent and spectacular domestic disaster into its own post, but never got the time to sit down to write it.  I am thinking I may still make you wait for a post…. because I am evil and it is the type of thing that only can happen to me.  I promise I will not make you wait too long though.

Happy Friday All!!  I hope that your weekend will be as fun-filled and busy as mine should be.