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This is one busy week for us!  This week alone is filled to the brim with activities.  Some of the activities are kind of typical… Theater class for my daughter, soccer practice and game for my son.  Some things happen monthly but happen to be additional activities for the week like a monthly meeting for me (since I am the aquatics league person for our community swim team), and my daughter’s girl scout meeting (which is every other week).  Other stuff is for this week only…   One Tuesday, my kids school is doing a great fundraiser.  The teacher’s are going to be delivering pizzas for Papa John’s.  It is such a great idea for raising funds.  The pizza is not that more expensive, but the school will get a portion of the money from the sales.  The school also will get the tips that they earn during deliveries.  The kids are so excited to see which teacher will show up at our door. The same night is our community HOA meeting.  I sent my husband last time so I have never gone, but there has been a big push for homeowners to be more active, so I am thinking one of us will have to attend.  We have not drawn straws yet so it is still undecided who the lucky attendee will be.

On Thursday, I get to chaperone my daughter’s field trip.  Amazingly enough, this s the first time I have been an official chaperone.  I get to ride the bus and everything (although I am not sure if that is all that exciting).

It is also Teacher Appreciation Week and Nurse’s week!  So lots of festivities going on at school.  Hopefully, I will have time to share some of the things the kids did to celebrate their teachers soon, but I have pins to share and very little time to get this post up.

Your Kids on Reading


In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I give you a darn cute poster.  Isn’t that the truth?  I have been blessed with 2 kids who love to read.  My son mostly liked to be read to, but he has come a long way with reading this year.  My daughter is a reading queen.  She will stay up late reading and often carts books with her so she will not be bored.  My husband has also been bit by the reading bug lately and I think he may have been spending more time reading than I have been recently.  He also writes a pretty good book review, and I dare say that his reviews are often better than mine.

A Breakfast Treat


Yesterday, I had a craving for chocolate covered donuts.  I had to stop by the store and pick some up on my way home from the swim league meeting.  They were yummy and shockingly I have some left still.  OK, that had nothing really to do with this pin… I just thought I would share.This little idea also looks really yummy and I am betting that my kids would be stoked to have some of the breakfast skewers for breakfast.  I am also thinking that they will be two tired to think about using the skewers as swords… but I could be wrong about that.

I am Pretty Adorable

Source: ifunny.mobi via Tara on Pinterest


Well, actually I don’t think that is the right word.  Ask anyone I know and they will probably tell you that I am a nightmare to text with and there are several reasons why…

  1. I never have my phone on me.  I have kept track of my phone and have not lost it recently, but that does not change the fact that I check my phone maybe once to twice a day.  I often just leave it in my purse, the car, and if I am going out I will more than likely accidentally leave it at home.  So, I am not speedy with returning texts.  Fact is… I probably will not see it unless you specifically told me you were going to text me about something.  Even then, sometimes my number 2 issue will cause a problem.
  2. I accidentally switch off my ringer.  As my phone buries itself down into my purse it also likes to turn off its ringer.  It is such a silly phone.  It is like a fun game of hide and seek most days.  I don’t feel the vibration through my purse, so if the ringer is off then I don’t get the text until my once or twice daily check of my phone.
  3. I send random messages.  This is not on purpose, but sometimes I fail to notice the name at the top of the texting screen.  This often happens when I am in a hurry and I need to text something to someone and forgot that they were not the last person I texted or who texted me.  I have been known to e-mail my husband that I am going to be late to my hair appointment, even though it is my best friend who needs that message since she is the one waiting for me at her hair salon (of course I did not notice the issue until 1/2 way through my appointment since I texted and then through my phone in my purse without waiting for a reply).
  4. I am not a quick typist.  Well, I am not a bad typist on a regular keyboard.  I just have not mastered the small keyboards yet.  I still hunt and peck when I use my phone to type.  That means that I am not a fast typist and I often make mistakes.  I also should admit that I do not know a lot of texting lingo.  I know some of the big ones (since they are on kids’ shirts and all), but for the most part I have no idea what someone is saying to me.  I just recently figured out what LAMO is… Oh, wait it is LMAO.  LAMO… is what I am.  I still have no idea what LULZ is and my husband uses that abbreviation all the time. I assume it is laughing something, but I can’t figure out what the other letters mean.

And now I am off to pick up the kids from school and let the craziness of this busy night start.