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When I was in college, Cinco de Mayo meant a reason to go out and a little bit of tequila.  Well, times have changed.  Now it is about tacos and celebrating the underdog victory over France (because it is important for the kids to know why we are eating tacos, right?).  It celebrates a small victory and France did eventually make it to Mexico City, but it did help spark a resistance movement within Mexico. I think that it is interesting that awareness of the holiday was revived in the U.S.  in the 60’s, by chicano activists who could identify with the way the Mexican’s felt after their victory over the European invaders. In essence, then isn’t Cinco de Mayo  about celebrating small feats in life that spark others into action and the times when victories made against all odds.  I can get behind that kind of sentiment myself.

My husband was the chef.  He made our favorite homemade tacos (except we just used store bough taco seasoning for the beef this time).  I decided that anything the kids can make at the table goes over well.

Just an observation, but each time we do lettuce wraps, make your own sandwiches, or these tacos… the kids eat it up.

Well, I did not want to give up the margaritas so we made some at home.  My kids were jealous.  We had big fancy glasses on the table in front of us and they just had some juice.  Well, I thought I could solve this problem.   It was kind of a special occasion, right?

So, I decided I would make them virgin margaritas.    I decided that margarita mix by itself with ice is not very tasty.  Luckily, my husband has been on a ginger ale kick and we had some in the fridge.  I added about a cup of margarita mix and about a cup of ginger ale to the blender with enough ice so that ice filled up the space of the mixture.   A little blending later, the virgin margaritas were served and loved.

That is one big glass for such a small boy.

Actually, I think I will add a little ginger ale to my margarita too… I think it made the drink a bit fluffier.

So that was our Cinco de Mayo fun… I am a bit late posting.  I have always had a hard time being on time, so I guess posting is no exception.  Although, if you think about it.  We could have celebrate those small victories every day with virgin margaritas.