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I am getting old.  I have noticed that I do not handle jet lag as well as I did in my 20’s.  In fact, it took a whole lot of sleeping this weekend before I felt normal (or as close as I get) again.

I did wake up yesterday and, for the first time in days, I did not feel like a zombie.  I think I looked less like a zombie as well.  Now, I just have to get back into gear with the house projects I started before I switched into vacation mode.  At any rate, I still have found some time to pin a few great ideas on Pinterest… now I just need to get motivated by those ideas.

Age… It is what it is


My husband and I recently realized that we are rather old.  I noted that I think my age is part of the reason that I was not able to jump right back into life after our trip west, but we also have noted other disturbing realizations… such as  Robert Griffin III was born in 1990.  That may not seem that alarming, but really kids born in the 90’s are now graduating or joining our workforce.  Other disturbing realizations I have recently had…

  • I recently read an historical fiction book that took place in the 70’s.
  • Julie, one of American Girl’s historical dolls, is from 1974.
  • I actually told my kids that when I was young, I had to get up and change the channel because remote controls for the TVs were not invented yet.
  • Next year is my 20th high school reunion (that I will not go to).
  • The pièces de ré·sis·tance:  My husband and I like playing Bingo on Facebook.  Yep, if you told the 26 year old me, that 10 years from now that I would enjoy Bingo I may have laughed… but sadly I have discovered that it really is a fun game and we are even contemplating hitting up a real game at some point.

Yet, even with these realizations… the worst realization is that I will never be this young again…which is enough to make me want a drink.

Maybe I need a Beer with some Raspberries

Source: acupofmai.com via Tara on Pinterest


Ok, this is an oldie but goodie (pinned several months ago)… but really I think this sounds quite tasty.  I am not much of a drinker… but since I was just talking about being old, it made me think of my favorite drink in college.  My drink of choice… the Baltimore Zoo.  I really liked the novelty of pouring in the beer and it came in a really big cup too.  This little drink kind of reminds me of it, except it with a lot less ingredients and a size that I might be able to handle (now that I am old).

Cinco de Mayo?

Source: sheknows.com via Tara on Pinterest


Another sign that I am getting old… I cannot believe how time flies.  It is May!  Wasn’t it just April yesterday?  Well, actually it was… but seriously, I cannot believe that it is May already.  I think part of my problem with facing this fact is that we had no snow this year… I never had my winter.  Cinco de Mayo is Saturday!  I know I will not have time to make these (although I did intend to when I pinned it), but I thought I would share because they are really cute and I know that most of you reading this are creative and can manage time better than myself.   I am thinking we might hit up a mexican restuarant for Cinco de Mayo or maybe… We will play some Bingo and treat ourselves to  a special drink like

Source: realsimple.com via Tara on Pinterest


Well, happy May to all of you and may you never feel as old as you actually are.