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So I missed Pinteresting Tuesday and due to packing, traveling, and recovering,  I have not been really posting much.  I am sorry.

We spent 4 days in Vegas starting on Saturday.  It was wonderful.  We saw my grandma, uncle, and some of my other relatives from Hawai’i.  I love seeing them and wish I got to see them more than just once every other year.  If only I could win the lottery (or at least have won a big jackpot while there) then maybe we could afford to go out there twice a year like my family does.

This was a special trip because we celebrated a few birthdays.  

My uncle had his birthday while we were there and my brother celebrated his birthday in Vegas too… only we missed it because we came out 2 days after the rest of my family.    Unfortunately, the gambling gods (if there are any) did not smile on the birthday boys.    We also celebrated my daughter’s birthday even though it was earlier in the week.    My grandmother brought leis to celebrate…  The men got seaweed leis and my kids got leis made out of gummy candies.  Needless to say, my kids loooved their leis.

It was also a special trip because it was the first time we had friends meet us there.  My friends and my daughter’s godparents, who moved to Texas in January, joined us.  It was her godfather’s birthday the week before so it was another birthday to celebrate.  We also had fun spending a little adult time gambling with them.  I think my husband loved having someone to hang out at the craps table with him.   I got to share my love of fake horse/greyhound racing machines with them… Seriously, if you have not tried out this machine, you should look for it next time you go.  Nothing is more fun that betting on fake racers…especially if you are graced with a rowdy bunch of people with you at the game.   Another good point to the machine is that if you are not a big gambler (like myself) then it is a game you can sit on for a while without losing a whole lot of money.

We stayed in the downtown area at The Golden Nugget this time around (first time not on the strip since having children).  It was a great family hotel.  There were tons of kids… most of them were little cheerleaders there for a cheering competition, but there were other kids too.   The hotel had an arcade, but it was not much of a destination.  Thankfully, it was hot (maybe a bit too hot) so the kids got lots of pool time. The pool was really nice.  There was a water slide that went through a large fish tank filled with fish and sharks, waterfalls and lots of shaded swimming area.  The fish tank was great, there is nothing like hanging out in the water and feeling like you are swimming with the fishes.  I thought I would share this video from Youtube, so that you could feel like you joined in on the fun with us…

The only things that could have been better was  that there were not a lot of servers on the pool deck and there were way more people there than chairs. I recommend piling your stuff up in the landscaped areas around the pool deck.  It worked…and it was better than the ground where our stuff could get wet.  Of course, if we could find a server then it may have been awkward to tell her to leave the drink at the bush in the corner planter on the right.   The next time we went, we decided to go early in the day so that we could get loungers, but even with the lounger we still could not find a server to order a drink.

We found that the downtown area was really a great place to stay while in Vegas.  I think that most of us think that the strip is the best place to stay with kids since they have big arcades, roller coasters, and aquariums, but we found that it was not that hard to visit those places and actually the kids liked The Fremont Experience.   We liked being closer to where my family stays and the low minimum tables and loose slots.   When the kids get older, we may even try out zip line through The Fremont Experience.

Speaking of exciting things to do… Did you know that you could sky jump off the top of The Stratosphere?   Well, one of the more memorable moments of the trip was when my husband and my brother and I were heading back to our hotel from a night on the strip with our friends.  My brother noticed something and said… “I think something just fell off The Stratosphere”.   We realized that it was a person doing the bungee thing there.  We only caught sight of one brave jumper, but it did lead to some great conversations about how we would never do it and what we would look like when we got to the bottom if we did have the balls to try it.  I think we will just stick to watching people’s videos of their jumps on Youtube…

We did not try The Skyjump, but we did take our kids to do some fun things.   We took a ride up to the top of the Eiffel Tower and watched the Bellagio fountain show from there.

Even in the cage at the top, I was a little scared.

We went to Caesar’s Forum shoppes and at Max Brenner’s and had an awesome cup of hot chocolate.

We played a lot of games at New York, New York’s and Circus Circus’ arcades.  We also rode some rides at the Adventuredome at Circus Circus and went to The Chuck Jones Experience where we learned more about animation and learned more about this brilliant animator.

Tickets were a bit expensive, but the movie was not working so we went for 1/2 off.

Finally, I know some of you are wondering if we had any big wins… I did have one the last night we were there…
$168.00 on a penny machine!

Even though it is Thursday… I did want to share one pin I found.

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It would seem that my luck just keeps on flowing… because now I am lucky enough to have a ton of laundry to do and a list of cleaning tasks… Who needs Vegas when I have so much fun stuff to do here at home!