I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter… and to those who don’t I hope you had a great spring day. By the way, I started this post on Sunday but I am finally posting it.   I am so good at this blogging thing.

This year I really tried hard to stay under budget with the easter baskets.  I think I did pretty good too. The kids drew on and stickered up their other baskets (we leave out the same basket each year) so I had to get new ones.  I found these metal bins at Taget for $2.50 each.  Some permanent marker and some ribbon and we were ready for the Easter Bunny.

Lemon liked the bows and the grass a little too much.

I did all the shopping at 5 Below, B.J.’s, and Marshalls.  B.J.’s was the place to find the WOW items.  American Girl book set for my daughter and Skylanders for my son.  I also found the Ivy and Bean books there… although I only found 2 of the 3 books I bought.  There was not a whole lot of candy, but there was some chocolate and some gummy snacks to satisfy their sweet teeth.

I even got a cute new dress and shoes (both for really awesome deals).

The shoes were red patent leather penny loafer pumps… I love them and I usually hate heels. My feet were not the biggest fans though. I have the blisters to prove it..   Oh well, I looked pretty cute.

If you think about it, the Easter Bunny was pretty nice to me too.

So was the Easter Bunny good to you too?