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I realized tonight that I have not been messing around on Pinterest too much lately.  I had only a handful of pins that I pinned this week… actually I pinned most of those on Monday night.

I only have one excuse… I may be addicted to fake slot machines on Facebook.  Seriously, I have been making a killing on the slot machines on there (if only it were real money).  At first, I started playing them to get ready for Vegas… since it is only a few weeks away now.  Now, I am finding I am getting bored of the games I have and I started looking for other fake slots.  What this has proved to me is that I should never and I mean never move to Vegas.

So, since I have not prepared in any way for Easter… I figured I should share the 3 pins I have found and repinned that are the most likely to be done before Easter.  Next week, I will try to share the ones I actually did.  Let’s hope I will be able to share something… I have not been very productive lately.

Mmm, Spring Deviled Eggs


I think I may actually try this.  My son is a deviled egg fanatic!  If you make Deviled Eggs he will relieve you of them in a few minutes flat.  I think he would be so stoked for this Easter treat… in fact he may like these more than candy treats.

Egg Geodes

Source: soc.li via Tara on Pinterest


This may be a stretch… but I really do think that this would be a fun egg activity to do with the kids.  I think finding the materials for this one will be the determining factor for trying this.  I am also not very optimistic that I will be able to make the crystals.  I bought a little crystal making science kit a few months ago to do with the kids and managed not to grow a single crystal with it.

A Different Kind of Easter Egg Hunt

Source: bit.ly via Tara on Pinterest


Well I bought some new easter eggs this year.  They are called “Zero Gravity” eggs.  All this means is that they have a little suction cups and strings on some of the eggs so you can stick them on windows (and supposedly walls and ceilings) or hang them off trees and other things like that.  I hope to do an egg hunt with these on Thursday with my after-schoolers.  So, I was thinking it may be fun to a different kind of  egg hunt with my kids… This idea seems like it would be fun to do on Easter Eve (I am sure there is a more holy name than that, but I cannot think of what it would be).  In the dark the eggs with suction cups would look like they are flying.

So, what do you think?  Do you have some must do activities for Easter?