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I love baked mac and cheese, but I have never ventured to try and make it myself.   I decided to try Kraft’s new Homestyle Mac and Cheese since I had a coupon for it.  I hoped that it would not taste just like the normal packaged mac and cheese with a baked crust.  I was pleasantly surprised how much it really tasted homemade.

There were a few more steps to making this mac and cheese than its boxed counterpart.  After boiling the noodles, I had to make the cheese sauce.  It is not just one packet of cheese stuff.  First I melted the butter and added some milk slowly.  The first packet (seasoning was added) and I waited until the mixture thickened.  I then added the cheese package which was kind of like a mushed cheese brick rather than the powder.  Once it was all mixed together I coated the noodles with the cheese mixture and moved it to a baking pan.

The baking part is optional, but I decided I wanted to bake it since I love baked mac and cheese.  It recommends adding shredded cheddar cheese to the top and then adding the topping package.  I did exactly that and then threw it in the oven to bake for 10 minutes.   The melty cheese and topping mixture really made me love it.

It was a crowd pleaser tonight at the table.  The only one of us that did not eat it up was my son and since he threw up this morning and was out of school with a stomach bug… I am thinking his vote may not count as much.  He also tends to like the Easy Mac that comes in the single serving container…and  has Spongebob-shaped noodles.  He is 6… shaped noodles and less complicated flavors seem to win out.

What I am thinking is that this would be such a great option for potlucks!  It is easy to make and tastes almost homemade (which means that you could probably play it off that you worked hard making your dish).  It could be your little secret.

Update:  Did anyone catch my complete brain fart… I completely forgot to proof the title.  Ugh… that is what I get for trying to complete this post after sitting in a swim team league meeting for 2 hours.