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So, it has been a while since I shared my thoughts on cat litter.  I know you guys were just dying to hear my latest review of the cat litters I have been trying.

As I mentioned before, I tried out Amazing Cat Litter as my next choice.   It actually was kind of amazing.  For a week, I thought that the cats just weren’t using the litter box.  It says on the directions to scoop the litter and then mix the litter up so that the blue oder reducing crystals would work better.  So after a week I thought I would swish the litter around a bit.  To my surprise, the cats had used the litter and used it a lot.  It was so good at hiding the smell, I had no idea they were even using the litter box.

Another great thing about this litter was that the cats did not track it out and even when they did, the clear crystals were not easily seen until swept up.  Of course, they did look a little like broken glass which did give my husband a scare or two, and felt a bit like broken glass when stepped on with bare feet (Which I used as a signal to sweep the floor).

It did not las the whole 40 days, but it did come close.  At around 30 days, we did decide that we had to clean out the litter completely.  The clear crystals were now mostly milky colored and we did notice the smell again.

I know that this review seems all positive, but I did have some issues.

  1. Kitty Nuggets:  My dog loves to eat cat poop, which the kids and I jokingly call “kitty nuggets”.  He will sneak into the litter box and grab a special treat and eat it if we are not looking.  I do worry that the crystals are not good for a dog’s digestive system.   That is one of the positives of the all natural litters.  I don’t worry if he eats a little of the corn litter because it is probably a good source of fiber… if not fiber than at least it won’t be toxic.  I can’t find find any warning that the litter is toxic, but it doesn’t advertise that it isn’t toxic either.
  2. A stream of pee:  I usually change out the litter now that I am not working, but my husband had the pleasure of doing it this time.  It was probably a good thing too.  I have shared that I have developed an over-active gagging issue and my husband told me that I surely would have had an issue changing the litter if I had done it.   As he told it, there was a stream of brownish-yellowish old urine at the bottom of the litter box, that he had to pour into the bag after he dumped the litter.  Obviously, it smelled awful, but the visual was much worse.  He said that if I got this litter again, that I could not change the litter box unless he was there.  He did not want to miss out of the show I would give when I changed it.  Hmmm.  I usually gag when I change the litter, so the fact that he wants to see me change this litter has me a bit concerned.
You can see why I am torn… I do love not having the stinky litter box smell in my house, but I don’t want to kill my dog accidentally (just because he likes a little kitty nugget here and there) and the question of whether or not I will be able to change the litter when it comes time.

So, now onto the next contenders… World’s Best Cat Litter and Blue Cat Litter.  It will be the battle of corn vs. walnuts.  What a nail biter!