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So, I was supposed to drop off my stuff for the consignment sale this morning, but then I realized that all of the clothes had to be hung.  I don’t know why I thought they would provide hangers…. I am just stupid when it comes to this stuff apparently.  I was without hangers and the safety pins needed to attach the clothes to the hangers.  So, I had the option of running out to buy cheap hangers and safety pins or just cutting my losses.  I went for cutting my losses, because I really did not know what I was doing.  I am thinking I do not have the patience for doing all the little things that you have to do to sell at these sales.  I also decided I over-think about stupid little things too much.  I spent at least 1 hour at the store trying to figure out how I was going to fasten on the price tag… It really should not be this hard.

Another problem I have is that I really am not sure what is the going rate for used kid’s clothes.  I thought I did a good job pricing them, but when I printed out the estimate of settlement… I was amazed at how little I was going to get.  All that pressing and hangering and pricing… I do just as well when I sell to the consignment stores like Once Upon a Child (which is a gently used kid stuff store in town).  I am not sure if I just did not price the items well (which I am guessing is the case), or if the percentage worked out to be the same.  If the percentage is the same then I should just do what I have done in the past and dropped it off and gone to get a coffee and then pick up my check.  I think I need more guidance before I try this consigning thing out in the future.  I am an consignment sale dunce.


So, I managed to not get rid of anything today.  I guess that I am doing so well with this decluttering thing, am I?

Even though I did not get rid of anything today… I did clean out my car.  I threw away quite a bit of junk there.  I also decided that I really do need to thin all my kitchen junk.  There are devices and other dish ware that has never been used and it is all crammed into my cupboards.  It sounds like a great project for next Friday… because it is time to get ready for The Hunger Games now.