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My daughter and her friend were in the mood to color today.  They requested some coloring pages, so I went searching on the internet for some.  Simple enough, right?

They requested fashion and girls in pretty dresses.  We came across a picture that seemed to fit the bill, but then I enlarged it… and it was not good.  Okay, it was good in such a bad way.

  1. What is up with her face?  I think she may be the ugliest woman I have ever seen.  Her nose reminds me of a Jack O’ Lantern and her eyes kind of freak me out.
  2. Her hair is reminiscent of a cockatiel.  I think it was supposed to look like feathers in her hair, but it did not quite work out.
  3. What is going on with her chest?  I am thinking a botched boob job.  At any rate, I can’t get past it.
  4. Finally, something bothers me about her legs.  They just seem weird.  I don’t exactly know why they don’t seem right.  If you are able to help me by telling me what is wrong with them, I would really appreciated it.

I did print out a copy for my husband, because I knew he would appreciate it (and he did).

My daughter did find a coloring page that she loved and wanted to color for me…

OMG!  It is wonderful!