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So I have been inspired by 365 Trinkets to get rid of the clutter in my house.  I have decided that Fridays will be my day to focus on the decluttering process… so here it goes.

Many of my friends have asked me why I don’t try and sell my kids’ old clothes (since I usually donate them or give them to my friends).  In the past, I have always said that it was too time consuming to deal with tagging and all that stuff.  Now that I stay at home, I have found that I really do not have a good reason and we could use the extra spending money too.

I decided to bite the bullet and sign up as a consignor for an upcoming sale.  I may regret this, but the big pile of kids clothes in my room… really has been bugging me so I figured there was nothing to lose if I tried it out.

So far I have found a lot of great things to consign, although my daughter found an American Girl Dress in the pile that she has rescued (and that she was infuriated with me for trying to give away).

Original Source: Americangirl.com

It is way to small for her, but she has it in her head that I need to make her American Girls something with it.  Hmm.  I guess I got to get creative.  I do understand why she does not want to let go of this one though.  It was the first outfit from the first American Girl that she got.  I am willing to let this one go.  I do have about 50 items to consign though and I plan to do the spring fitting (where I get my kids to try on all the clothes from last year) and I suspect I will end up with several more things to add.  I really hope that this little endeavor will be worth it.