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My Mother in Law (MIL) stayed with us for 4 days.  It was a tremendous help.  She sold girl scout cookies, hung out with my son so he would not have to go to the girl scout meeting, and watched both kids as I ran around doing my cookie mom duties.  Another one of the many things I love about my MIL is that she is a whiz with crafts.  She helped me learn how to use my new sewing machine and she taught me how to make a really cool scarf.This morning I woke up and looked around the house.  Although Monday morning my house looked looked like a frat house (only it looked like the frat boys had a huge crafting party).

Actually, if I wasn’t already diagnosed with ADHD, then it could have been my evidence that I had it.

So what did we have for breakfast?  

We had fabric obviously.  This is the skirt we started for my daughter.  She is in a long skirt phase.  All that is left is the hem.

And now for the living room… 

Ah, this is where the yarn lives.   We have a half finished scarf… It is looking good, huh?   I did drop some stitches, but luckily you can’t tell.

What am I cooking?

Some Ice Resin?  Here we find my attempt to make those cute little bottle cap charms.  You can’t tell, but it never fully dried.  So unless I want ice resin on my clothing I am going to have to list this craft as a fail.

On the counter too? 

Got to love my beading tray. High class.

Yep, I have another unfinished project on the counter.  Here we have the start to a new bracelet.

So I am taking bets… How many of these projects do you think I will actually finish this week?