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I don’t know where my head has been lately.   Last week I totally messed up my dinner menu.  For some reason the dinners I picked for the week all required grilling and it has not really be good grilling weather.  Monday was a cold night and the deck was covered in a thin layer of snow.  I did not feel like asking my husband to do some grilling so I decided to try to “grill” indoors.

Well, dinner became kind of a comedy of errors.  I started off spectacularly… by dethawing chicken and not the turkey that I was supposed to use.  I had a big decision to make.  Do I substitute the chicken for the turkey or do I try another recipe?  I decided after thinking about it to do another recipe.  The tricky part was trying to find a recipe that I could do with ingredients I had on hand.

I decided to doctor up a recipe from the Flat Belly Diet Family Cookbook.  It was a recipe for Salmon and again required grilling, but I thought I could make it work.

1.  Preheat the grill to medium… So I turned on the burner under the griddle. It also said to coat an 11 by 7 inch disposable aluminum pan with cooking spray.  I did not have one of those on hand so I skipped this step.

2. Whisk together 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of honey, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt and then dip the salmon chicken breasts into the into the mixture and place on the pan.  I did this and then stuck them onto the griddle rather than the nonexistent pan.  Stir in 8 scallions (halved lengthwise, then cut on the diagonal into 1 inch pieces) and a 1/2 cup of sesame seeds, then pour the rest of the mixture into the pan surrounding the salmon chicken.

3.  Place the pan over direct heat for 5-6 minutes per side or until the salmon chicken is easily forked.  Unfortunately, my chicken never became easily forked.  In fact the outside was close to burned and the middle was still raw.  The recipe warns that the sesame seed mixture may need a little more time on the grill so you can put the salmon chicken onto a platter and continue to cook the sesame mixture for another 1-2 minutes.  I found that my mixture was cooked away, so I had no need to let it cook any longer.  Since my chicken was not really edible, I transferred the chicken onto a cookie sheet and then placed it in a pre-heated oven (350 degrees) for another 7 minutes.  In the end, it did the trick and the chicken cooked all the way through.  

The chicken did turn out pretty good.  The sesame mixture was really good.  I think it would have been great on Salmon… if I ate fish (which I don’t so I could be wrong).    Actually, the recipe recommends that the sesame mixture could be used as a salad dressing.  I may have to try it out as a dressing sometime, because I could definitely see it as a tasty dressing.

Today was beautiful and the perfect night to grill.  I was busy cleaning the playroom this evening so my husband took dinner on and we finally had the Grilled Turkey and Bok Choy that was planned for yesterday.  It was really delicious… and I think it would not have been as yummy if I tried to do it on the stovetop.  Guess I should be thankful I messed up and de-thawed the chicken.

Sorry, no picture of my chicken. Tonight's dinner was so much more photogenic. Photo courtesy of my husband.