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Yesterday, my son came home from school with a note from the nurse.  His eye was reddened, but they weren’t sure it was pink eye.  So, this morning was the test.  Goop equals Pink Eye and no goop means get ready for school.  I am not sure it was goop or just the sleep in the eye that sometimes happens, guess we are going to have to head to doctor…

To add to the fun this morning, I got my daughter all ready for school and did not realize that there was a 2 hour delay.  We stood at the front door waiting for people to arrive at the bus stop and then there were no kids.  It was a ghost town.  I wondered if I missed something, so I checked Facebook.  Guess that doctor visit was going to have to wait until 10:00.

So my day is certainly going to be Pinteresting, but definitely not as cool as these great pins.

Just Got My Ticket


Preordering has begun for The Hunger Games movie.  I got my ticket.  Yep, I am going opening night with all the teenagers.  I went on opening night for Twilight too, and really it is the way to go.  The teenagers (and the middle age women like me) always have the best reactions and I think it is their “ooos” and “ahs”, and screaming when the cute boy comes on the screen that add to the movie.  The people watching possibilities on these opening nights are endless.

The Faucet Nipple!

Source: uberreview.com via Tara on Pinterest


Who comes up with these little ideas?  Geniuses, obviously.  Although its name kind of makes me giggle (because I am still a bit immature), I am thinking is one awesome little idea.  Our kids bathroom is always a mess of toothpaste and crusty cups.  Then trying to keep these cups germ free and prevent the sharing of these cups can be almost impossible.  This may be the smartest idea I have seen in a while.  No dirty cups!  I can also see this as a really good alternative for drinking fountains in schools or in the classroom (when they don’t have the water fountain feature on the sinks).  Just smart.

Leprechaun Kindness Adventure


What a great way to get kids to think about doing random acts of kindness.  My kids love being sneaky.  My son loves stealing gum out of my purse and sneaking into our bed (or his sister’s bed when he gets caught trying to sneak into our bed).  I think this idea is such a great on for channeling this “sneakiness” into acts of kindness or helpfulness. She recommends sending the pouch full of goldfish as a snack.  She also gives the idea of leaving a chocolate coin for the person you do the act for.  I am thinking my sneaky son does not have enough will power to resist eating the chocolate.    I pesonally just love the poem and you download the poem tags from her website.  I am thinking of maybe giving them a bag or small plastic pot as a surprise one morning and then leaving a treat in it every time I see them doing something helpful.  I love this idea, but I better figure out what I am doing with this idea soon or St. Patty’s day will come and go before I do anything with this idea.

Well, I certainly hope your day is going well… at least better than mine.  Happy Tuesday.