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Personally, I think of this…

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I also think of this…

If you are a big George Harrison fan, you may think of this…

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But today, I learned that it also can be what you call your male part… or your brother (if you want to imply that he is a male part).

He told us the story (substituting the word for male part with a grab to his crotch) and it went down like this….

My Son:  The Boy called his brother a Ding Dong.  Did you know Ding Dong means his [grabs crotch and starts laughing]?

My Daughter:  [laughing, but trying to be above all that] You know, that is not nice. 

Me:  I think he got it wrong.  A Ding Dong is a cake.  It is chocolate and it is like a Twinkie.  

My Son:  No mom, it means [grabs crotch and another giggle escapes].  Seriously, he told me.  

Me:  Well, I think he was misinformed.  He obviously has not had the tasty treat that I am talking about.  Poor thing, he really is missing out.  And another thing, why is he calling his brother a name.  Calling people names is not nice… unless he is calling him a cake because he is sweet.

My Son:  No, he was calling him a [grabs crotch again].  He said it was because he is one.  He also called this other boy a Ding Dong.

Me:  Well, that is just not nice.  I hope you don’t call anyone a Ding Dong.   You really should not call anyone a name, even if the name means a tasty cake.  

My Son:  I won’t.

Me: Because we all know nothing comes from calling people names… No tasty cakes for you, really I don’t know what I would do, if I heard that you were calling people names.  I would be so disappointed.

My daughter:  Yeah, you got to be strong. 

Me: [pride washing over me, because she remembered my lecture about how it takes more strength to be nice to someone who is mean to you]  Yes, if someone calls you a Ding Dong, you should just say “Really? I think I am more of an Angel Cake.”  

My Daughter:  Or you could just tell them that they have a nice shirt.

Me: or that.