It has been quite a week and it is only Tuesday.  Actually, today I forgot to post.  I really don’t have any excuse except for I felt really scattered.  Tonight was pretty rough as well.  So I am kind of looking forward to Wednesday.

Lorax Cupcakes

Source: via Tara on Pinterest


Advertising for this movie is working overtime.  Tonight on The Voice they had all their characters “trying out” for their animated counterparts.  I have seen countless commercials.  If I had made it to The Secret World of Arrietty on time, I would have probably have seen a trailer too.  By the way, The Secret World of Arrietty was a great movie.  At any rate, I fell in love with these cupcakes.  They seem a little out of my league when it comes to cake decorating ability, but I can still admire them. Can’t I?

I am Wonder Woman


So today I spent 45 minutes looking for my keys.  Seriously, 45 minutes!  In fact, I actually began to try and talk myself into not even bothering going to the grocery store, because I really did not need to go.  Maybe my lost keys were a sign to tell me to spend the day relaxing, right?  The most aggravating part was that I remembered that I had just seen them and when I had seen them they were not in their usual place.  So, I started looking in the more unusual places like the bathroom, on the floor, under the furniture (because maybe I was looking under the furniture yesterday).  I finally found them on a chair in the office.  If I am not wondering where my keys are… I am usually wondering where my phone is.  All of the things I wonder about… are also the things that irritate my husband.  What superhero does that make him?

Think Positive


This is for my husband.  Tonight we had a little fender bender.  This is my way of reminding him that accidents happen, but we need to remember to try to see the positive side.  Cars can be fixed, but thankfully there were no serious injuries.  The positives definitely outweigh the negatives.  Don’t beat yourself up with negative thinking.