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There was a bit of trouble on the bus the other day.  It involved 2 first graders and a Kindergartener. The parent I talked to said that the school would have called me if my son was involved.  I let out a sigh of relief and then did not think any more about it.

My husband came home around 5:30 and we were working up some Paul Revere scrapbooking.   He looked around for a second and then told me that he tried to call, but the call would not go through.  He asked me if I paid the bill, and I told him that I had not seen the bill, but we realized that the phone had been turned off.  He got used to throwing the bill when we get it, since they always sent him an e-mail.  Unfortunately, we took him off the plan and I never got the e-mail.  He quickly paid the bill and I had my phone back.  So, all is well…. or is it?  

There was a sick feeling growing in my stomach.  Did the school try to contact me, but also could not get through?  I decide to tell my husband about the incident since we were about the head to the school for my son’s Kindergarten program and I was starting to fear that their principal would be there waiting (probably annoyed that she could not get a hold of me) and ready to tell me the bad news.

So on the way to the school… I spent the time trying to talk myself out of being worried since…

Me:  [to my husband] They said it was the kindergartener’s idea.  I don’t think it could be our son.  He does not have a “mastermind quality”… he is more of a joiner.

My husband:  Yeah.

Me:  I mean, he is many things… but he is not a planner.  He just doesn’t have the executive functioning skills.  He could not come up with that kind of plan, especially one that is formed to get back at someone. (He does not hold grudges.  I mean the boy can’t hold a grudge if his life depended on it. Personally I think that is a great quality that he has)

My husband:  You are right that does not sound like him.

Me: [to my son] Did you go to the principal’s office today?

My Son:  [quietly] No. [not selling his answer. With his guilty look he tries to avoid my gaze and looked out the window]

Me:  See!  That is what he looks like he is hiding something.  I don’t have a good feeling about this.

My husband:  We are on our way to your school.  We will find out soon if you went.

Me:  Seriously, did you go to the principal’s office?

My son: I am not sure.

My husband:  It kind of is cut and dry.  Either you did or you didn’t.

My son:  Maybe.

At that point, I could not talk anymore.  The sick feeling took over.  My daughter cannot tell a lie, but my son will try (especially if he thinks the truth means that he could be in trouble).  The only way to find out what happened was to face the music.   When I dropped him off, I decided to ask his teacher.  She quickly jumped up and then pulled me aside.  That is not good.  Thankfully, she told me that he had been called to the principal’s office, but only as a witness.

I let the relief flood over me.  I was hoping that is why he was giving me those vague answers.  As a mom, I have found that you go through so many feelings each day.  I can go from amazed to worried to defensive to proud… Sometimes within a short period of time.  Sometimes those feelings intermingle and form totally new feelings.  How does the heart have the capacity for that?  I guess we will never know.

At that point, it was time just to enjoy the show…  and what a show it was.  The kindergarteners were adorable and my son did a great job.  I am so glad that I got to end the night feeling proud and pretty enamoured.

How could I not… when I put him to bed and he told me that he loved me, even when he has his head on my nip (his word for boob).  Although, I am still trying to work out what he meant.