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So last week I finally got fed up with the cat litter we use.  Our house was not made for discreet hiding of litter boxes, and so we have litter boxes in the office and in our master bath.  That means that we have to keep the area around them clean and we notice if they smell.

We have been using Scoop Away clay cat litter for multiple cats.

The odor control is fantastic.  The little clay granules tracked by our cats all around the litter box… not so fantastic.  We even bought “clean step” igloo litter boxes to curb the spread of litter.  We will still stand by the litter box, it has helped immensely.

It's like their own special bathroom.

In our bathroom it drives me nuts because even though we have a towel under it and a special mat… the stray granules escape and embed themselves into the grout in our tile floor.   Mopping, steaming, and special cleansers make for a long cleaning experience.

So let me throw down the facts as they are now…

  • We have two indoor cats.  They eat a lot of food and use the litter box a lot ( now I don’t know if other cats use the litter box at the same rate, but I would bet that our cats use it more than the average cat).
  • Scoop Away litter usually lasts around 1- 1 1/2 weeks because we have two boxes.  I think we could be changing the litter every 3-5 days if we only had one box.
  • Odor control is great.
  • Tracking of granules and constant clean up… not so great.

So, I decided it is about time to try some other cat litters.  I looked for litters that boasted non-tracking granules, great odor control, and if it was natural and biodegradable then that was the icing on the cake.

So, the first litter I decided to try was called Desert’s Sand.  I loved the idea that it was a “green” litter.  The concept sounded like it would work…  It was volcanic rock and isn’t volcanic rock used for odor prevention?  It said it “absorbs and eliminates odor faster than any other product on the market.”  It was supposed to last up to 7 times longer than the silica litters (which boast that they last longer than clay litter).    This litter had to be ticket to a less messy and less smelly litter box.

I replaced the litter on Friday… and our office was unbearable to sit in (due to the litter box smell) by Sunday.  I even scooped out the feces.  I tried to scoop out the clumps, but if I did that there would be no litter left by the end of the week… hmm, that is not 7 times longer.

The litter has been used for 1 week and I have been trying to scoop it out every day. This morning, the smell almost choked me when I walked into the office.  I was thinking it is time to change the litter box and time for me to compile my findings.


  • Lasted 1 week (when feces was scooped on a daily (roughly) basis.
  • Odor control:  not very good. When I lifted the lid to the igloo to change the litter (I almost passed out).
  • Tracking:  That has been great.  Not as much clean up needed around the box and no issues with the litter sticking to the sides of the litter box.
  • Biggest +:  Good for the environment, dust free, and does not make a huge mess in or around the litter box.
  • Another positive:  Money Back Guarentee! I personally think our cats excrement must stink more than the average cat, so if you are interested in trying it… at least you can try it out risk-free.

After discussing the pros and cons with my husband, we decided that we hated it.  Cleaning up sucks, but not being able to use the office or our bathroom sucks more.  I am also thinking I may have to buy stock in Scentsy, because our warmers have been working overtime!

We are on to our next contender… Amazing Cat litter.   Supposedly it will save us money and will last for 40 days (fine print says 40 days for 2 cats, even though it says 80 days on the package).

I am also up for suggestions of litters to try… so leave me a comment if you use a litter that you love.