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Lately I have been very nostalgic for the 80’s.  It seems like there have been a lot of random things and events that have made me think of that decade… or rather the later part of that decade since I was only 5 when the decade started and honestly I don’t remember much of the fads that were popular from the early 80’s.

Whitney Houston’s Death

Of course, I was sad when I heard about her passing.  I was not too surprised… Athough I had not heard too much about her lately I had hoped that she had stayed clean.  What her passing did bring is lots of news stories boasting pictures of her from the 80’s.  These pictures made me think of the terrible perm I had in 1988 that was somewhere between an afro and a triangle.  I wanted to hide under the covers and not come out until it grew out.  It was not a nice look, but it did look like Whitney’s hair at the time and thankfully it looked like Whitney’s hair and so most people did not realize it was the result of bad hair stylist. I think they thought I was just a really big fan of hers.

image from http://kutnews.org/post/whitney-houston-has-died

Whitney enabled me to show my face in public and for that I will always remember her fondly.


We booked our trip to Las Vegas in April.  My daughter came home from school the other day (after learning that we will be going back to Vegas again) and shared a very shocking discovery.  In her exact words…

Mom, there is a kid in my class that has never been to Vegas.  Never.  Can you believe it?

I laughed and then told her that most kids her age have not been to Vegas. Not many 7 year olds have been to Vegas once, let alone twice…especially 7 year olds that live on the east coast.  Well, it made me think of my trips to Vegas when I was little…. Yeah, I went in the 80’s and (luckily for you) my dad likes to post pictures from the past on Facebook…

Loving my outfit too!

I mean how could I not be nostalgic for the 80’s after seeing this picture of my family, me, and my two Cabbage Patch Kids.

Ready Player One

I am also reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  I love the 80’s references.  I also love that the point of view is an 18 year old boy in the 2040’s.  I have had quite a few chuckles over his views of the popular TV shows, movies, and music.  I have been really enjoying this book.  I have also realized that I have missed some pretty great 80’s stuff  (why did my parents not buy an Atari… I feel like I missed out on a whole subculture) and I may have to go back and watch The Dark Crystal again… maybe even with my kids.  I wonder what they will think of it?  They really could not see why I loved Beetlejuice when I had them watch it… but they are a year older so I am sure that with this new maturity they will appreciate the genius of The Dark Crystal.  What this book has done is reminded me of a lot of 80’s things that I forgot that I loved and forgot influenced me.  It also makes me want to find an old episode of “Charles in Charge” (I can still sing the theme song) or rent Heathers (I loved that movie and I had a huge crush on Christian Slater back in the day).

Yes, the 80’s are still alive and well.  I am thinking things from 80’s actually may be even cooler now than it was in the 80’s.  Maybe not… Maybe I just think it is because I don’t want to admit that by living through the 80’s I am now… kind of old.