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All week my daughter begged me to take her to McDonalds.  She had seen a commercial for the Build a Bear toys that were going to be in the Happy Meals starting on Friday and could not wait to get one.

After swimming her heart out, we pulled into a McDonald’s not too far from the University where her lessons take place.  I was hoping for a better dinner experience this week, because last week we did not have much luck.  This week had to be better… I get to have a Shamrock shake and they get the cool new toys.  We all end up happy, right?

Unfortunately, I decided that I just don’t have much luck with the eating establishments on that side of town.  Their shake machine was broken.  No Shamrock shake for me.  My daughter and I were also a bit concerned because they still had the picture of the Barbie/Hot Wheels toys up.  I will admit that I said a little prayer at that point.

As they handed me the boxes, I let out a sigh of relief when I the Build a Bear and Star Wars pictures on the box.  Little did I know, I was about to have a very unhappy girl on my hands.

The Girl: What!  They are big stupid liars!

Me:  [pulling into a parking space] What are you going on about?

The Girl: [crying]  Why would they do that?  They are such liars.  Mom, look! [holds up the offending Barbie toy] They lied.  They still have Barbie toys.

Me:  Well, I told you there was a possibility that they had not switched out the toys yet.

The Girl:  No, why would they put Barbie toys in Build a Bear Boxes?  It’s because they like to lie!  THEY ARE SUCH LIARS!

The Boy:  I like my car.  I don’t have this car yet. (sometimes I wonder if The Boy just wants to become the target of her anger)

The Girl:  [glaring] Well, good for you. I don’t want this Barbie toy.  I don’t like liars.

Me:  Honey, I know you are disappointed.  [pointing at the sign that reads “Shamrock Shakes are here.  Get one today!”] Look at that sign.   I really wanted a Shamrock shake and their machine was broken and I could not get one.  They should not have that sign up if their machine is broken, right? We were all disappointed, but there is no need to get so upset.  We can get them another day.

The Girl:  See, they lied to you too!!!  They are the biggest stupidest liars.  [crying louder now]

Me: It is not lying, it just means that this McDonalds just makes mistakes.  Look, maybe we can try again on Sunday.  All the McDonalds should have their new toys by then and we can go to one of the nicer ones. This McDonalds just may not be a good one.

The Girl:  [sobbing] I just don’t think it was nice to use that box if they did not have the toys inside.  Lying to kids is mean.

Me:  Yeah, I guess they just did not realize how sad it would make you. I truly am sorry

So as we continued our drive home we passed another McDonalds, and I made her a deal.  I decided to stop there and I told her we would go inside this time and ask what toys they had.  If they had Build a Bear and Star Wars toys I would just buy them. Don’t judge… My husband had been out of town for 3 days.  I was tired.  Thankfully, they had the toys and their shake machine was working.  The big stupid lying McDonalds was now a distant memory and happiness was restored.

I do want to send a big thanks to the manager at the 2nd McDonalds, who noticed the red rimmed eyes of my daughter and nicely listened to me as I shared the story of the big lying McDonalds… and then gave my kids the toys for free.  You are truly a great guy and you made a little girl very happy!  You make a mean Shamrock shake as well.